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Comment Re:user: You gave me a bad password!!! (Score 1) 126

I have to agree especially as you get some complex password rules now days and some folk think you are cleverly using punctuation to meet that complexity. Usually I say something like:

Your password is "generic2011" all lower case. It starts with a "g" and ends with "1". Do not include the quotation marks.

Comment Re:Mobsters ... but only if there are more than on (Score 1) 568

Just like we ruin poor dumb kids lives who commit other dumb crimes they wouldn't have committed if they were older like joining a gang, murdering somebody for a pair of shoes, etc etc.

Basically what I hear in your comment is "How dare middle class suburb kids be expected to follow the law and then be prosecuted when they fail .. the outrage!!!"

Comment C&A - NIST SP800-53 (Score 1) 26

No, what is stopping the government from moving to the cloud is crazy NIST requirements in some of the archaic parts of NIST SP800-53. If they can give me a fully certified compliant system you would seem movement in droves.

Comment Suprise? Maybe that he lasted so long (Score 4, Interesting) 90

The only surprise here is he lasted so long. The Federal CIO has zero authority hence it's a thankless exercise in futility. Under both FISMA and CCA all IT authority is with the Agency Head, OMB Director, and NIST. The Mr. Kundra had no authority, no control, no budget, no nothing my guess is the only reason he took the job was he was a former private sector employee and most likely had buyers regret within the week. No sane civil servant would take this position short of as a temp position to a backroom deal which ended with a lateral transfer promotion somewhere else or a high three with the expectation of doing nothing and accomplishing nothing (the only realistic goal under the existing legal/regulatory framework which governs that position) .

Comment Re:didnt they have a completely goal? (Score 1) 370

That was the old FreeBSD Team goal. The new management (lets say post 5.0 RELEASE or early 00's) is all about being hip, competing with people they shouldn't be, and shoddy work. Examples:

- See the new RELENG idealogy (articles/releng)
- See the new logo that the vocal FBSD communtity despises (see mailing lists)
- See this news article (though I agree he did just mention parity ... that parity still comes at the cost of neglecting what FreeBSD is all about. Only so many resources to go around)
- See the push for BSD Certs.
- See how magically show stopper bugs in the RELENG todo list magically become desired features when timelines start getting crunched. Either its a show stopper or its not.

I love FreeBSD and no plans to give it up in the forseable future but with each new release Open is looking better and better. I am starting to see why people like Theo or DJB, unyielding and unchanging.
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Journal Journal: Update

Been a long while since I updated ... forgot I even had it and not a big blogger. Anyways not much changing ...worked in BiH for two years, mission shut down, took a 6 month sabatical and now working in Baghdad, Iraq for Raytheon on a sensor system. Will update more later but this is where I stand now.

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Journal Journal: New Job

Started a new job (well...back in FEB03). Working as the IAM for the SFOR mission (Peacekeeping / Bosnia / NATO). Sprint is the primary contractor.

Nice little gig for 2 years. Wouldn't mind staying on longer but mission going to get turned over to the EU. No US forces means no job for me as I only handle USA networks.

Oh well...good resume building, unique experience.

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Journal Journal: Mozilla+FreeBSD

Will just signed for a fucking laptop (Dell Inspiron 7500) and took 4 fucking days to get FreeBSD in a semi-usable state. Notes for self:


2. cvsup supfile

3. make clean install m4

4. make clean install autoconf

5. Do whatever you fucking want cause those first 4 all that really matters.

Now back to trying to get ATI Mobility drivers for FreeBSD so I can get more than 16bit

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