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Comment Re:Wrong Solution (Score 1) 290

Firefox may still have it but it's buried; now in FF 3.6.15 I can not even find a cookies setting in the preferences at all! The only way I can find to get to the cookies configuration is via about:config. I may miss something but it certainly is not very obvious.

Do you mean if you visit the preferences pane, then go to privacy, custom settings and untick the box labeled "accept cookies from third party sites," this is not the behavior you're looking for?

Comment Link to Paper Published in PNAS: Open Access (Score 2, Informative) 64



The most frequent infectious diseases in humans—and those with the highest potential for rapid pandemic spread—are usually transmitted via droplets during close proximity interactions (CPIs). Despite the importance of this transmission route, very little is known about the dynamic patterns of CPIs. Using wireless sensor network technology, we obtained high-resolution data of CPIs during a typical day at an American high school, permitting the reconstruction of the social network relevant for infectious disease transmission. At 94% coverage, we collected 762,868 CPIs at a maximal distance of 3 m among 788 individuals. The data revealed a high-density network with typical small-world properties and a relatively homogeneous distribution of both interaction time and interaction partners among subjects. Computer simulations of the spread of an influenza-like disease on the weighted contact graph are in good agreement with absentee data during the most recent influenza season. Analysis of targeted immunization strategies suggested that contact network data are required to design strategies that are significantly more effective than random immunization. Immunization strategies based on contact network data were most effective at high vaccination coverage. /p?


Submission + - Facebook buys a private file sharing service (drop.io)

Entrpy writes: Drop.io, a private file sharing service that focused on ease of use, announces that Facebook has purchased most of their technology and assets. What is Facebook planning to do with it? Only time will tell.

Submission + - Intel announced $7.68bn purchase of McAfee (bbc.co.uk)

Entrpy writes: Intel has announced that it will purchase McAfee for $48 per share, taking markets by surprise and sending McAfee's shares up 58% to near the agreed purchase price.

Comment Re:First Day in Lab (Score 1) 200

Well, I think it really depends on what sort of lab or school you go to. For example, at my University, there's several programs in the College of Natural Sciences that strongly encourage freshmen to join into legitimate research labs. They had several labs held open for undergrads, and the PIs had volunteered to give them projects that were doable and worthwhile.

For example, before leaving my old lab, I worked on a gene that had been implicated in cell differentiation and cell-specific splicing. No quite knows how the protein works, but we hope to find it out via a tagging method that allows us to purify a protein complex and analyze what other proteins were associated with it. We were definitely doing hands on research, and this was only in my second semester of my freshmen year. My lab was not the only one available, as I'm aware of several other friends of mine working on projects everywhere from aptamer selection and using nanomaterials for chemical catalysis to supraamolecular sensors.

Considering that most of these people I knew were freshmen at a large research university, I have to say that not all freshmen would have a bad research experience in doing grunt work only. I think that these labs have taught us much more than a normal freshmen teaching lab ever could. In the end, within a year, most of these freshmen have more research experience than many juniors and seniors who have neglected to join a lab as an undergraduate.

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