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Comment Define "News" (Score 1) 139

The American news system model today is more schoolyard playground gossip than journalism. Perfect for breeding fake news and injecting it into the main news stream through social media, like twitter. Even Fox News has been fooled into broadcasting fake news. Of course, for them it's hard to tell anyway what is truth or lies any idiot should be able to see. O'Really? and InsHannity do such a fine job blending truth and lies that anybody that watches that shit deserves all the fucking their government dishes at 'em.

A well engineered corporate news system, coupled with corporate television, makes for a perfect combination to manipulate and control a society, like sheep. America is nothing but a big corporate run farm. The farmers are Monsanto and the Grocery Producers of America. Exxon and Dow are ranch hands. Whatever clusterfuck that runs the medical/insurance industry tend the flocks of cows, pigs, goats, and sheep, and keeps them well GMO'd, inoculated, and set to self destruct around retirement age leaving all that free money in the SSA and banking pension systems. Not to mention no old fat pigs laying around drawing medical benefits that the investors deserve more. The best part is all the farm animals get to pay for all bullshit and abuses done to them by their corporate shepards. .

Invision now a GREAT BIG YYUUUUGGGGGEEEEE wall built on the south border keeping the most prized fat southern cows, pigs, goats and sheep from escaping the pen.
The Cows, pigs, goats, and sheep will pay for that wall as well, .. through their taxes of course. They won't notice it.

Comment Turd of an OS .. (Score 1) 280

When it comes to turd OS adoption announcements they really don't mean much either.
You could say for example that the number of people that couldn't take it anymore and slit their wrists is up 14% this year over last.
Or perhaps the number of people that jumped in front of the train after Windows 10 self installs and then crashes your HDD and deletes all digital memories of their poor deceased mother is on the rise.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 3, Insightful) 258

In a more civilized time we would just expand the library.
Bonds usually are the means to pay for them. The people you elect are the ones you pay to do this stuff.
This process tends to make for jobs which tends to keep money flowing around an area.
It's a part of capitalism that seems to have been lost.
From a more civilized time.

Comment Re:Pretty dumb because all news are fake. (Score 1) 270

Best place to start is with Fox News as they do the worst damage spreading their brand of hate and misinformation dressed up all cute and friendly like. Very deceiving group there.

Then again, the problem would be null if we spent less time finger pointing and blaming everyone but ourselves for our problems.

Comment Re:I got most of my news from the Onion (Score 1) 212

As an aging American type, I remember the days of the Walter Cronkite and Paul Harvey types.
Don't bother with any news outlets anymore. They're all corporate produced shit. Most of what's broadcast is filtered and/or totally slanted politically in some way. Fox News being the most dangerous offender IMV as their spew is purely slanted for right wing minded audiences, as you point out. 50% of FNC content, and I'm being generous, is related to current events. The 'Balance' is all "conservative" opinion spewed out from right wing think tanks, and there are many sick twisted minds among those groups. Gone are the days of good honest journalism. Garbage in, garbage out.

Personally, whenever I care to look at whatever BatShitCrazy event is going on with this world, I scour about the internet and find what's there, all the available facts and make up my own mind without outside interference telling me what to think.

Scouring the internet for news can also reveal documentation of American agencies toying with things like mind control since the 50s. Seeing how television has become so popular among the unwashed masses makes me wonder how much of the CIA's work may actually be working wonderfully. Product advertizing, Corporate bailouts, How to convince a country to go to war on nothing but lies,

Comment Re:Fuck you back nazi fuck (Score 0) 1368

.. And assholes like you are what is wrong with amerika today. Untrained, unkempt, uneducated, ignorant, ill informed, inbred, dick licking, sperm swallowing republicunts.

The last time we had this same number of criminals in office was the last 6 years of dubya. Those sorry pieces of shit left the nation bankrupt with the Enron collapse, real estate collapse, auto industry collapse, banking collapse, wall street collapse, 2 out of control wars bleeding the country dry of money that took a black man to fix. a terrorist on the loose wanting you sorry pieces of shit to die that took a black man to fix. do I really need to go on?

No the problem with amerika today is fox news and the republikans are teaching the nation how to hate again, and they all have a fuck you attitude to everyone they interact with. American is now a nation of ignorant stupid assholes just like you and all the sperm whores that modded your hate speech as informative.

Seems everytime we get repblicunts in power the country turns to shit and everyone looses their jobs and homes, and all those are like goldfish and don't remember any of the ass raping they got. Conclusion? All republicans are morons. End of country.

Comment Re: Typical (Score 1) 1368

Same here. Won't eat anything GMO .. Unfit for human consumption. Pretty much everything produced from the midwest area parent is touting. Additionally, most civilized nations around the world won't buy any of the Monsanto GMO garbage either, produced from that same region as well. California has nothing to worry about if they want out. Water isn't an issue for them. Why not.

Comment Oh ye of small and shallow mind (Score 2) 1368

California's agricultural crops are not the full picture, or not as you may think. from TFA: "California is also the biggest economy in the US and the sixth largest in the world with a gross state product of $2.496tn for 2015, according to the IMF."

Your fancy "grain fed cows" and amber fields of grain aren't really squat compared to the ~$2.5 $$ Trillion $$ GSP $$ of California now, don't ya think?
I think Calif would be just fine as it's own sovereign nation without being sucked dry by the new 3 ring shit show we just got handed.

Comment Re:Hardly surprising (Score 1) 142

Yep, you're pretty much spot on here, trump and the dolts that follow him.

I recall every election period the past few decades with that lunatic and his wacky trademark orange orangutan hair doo, off in deep right field stamping his feet and ranting like Yosemite Sam about the lost gold of lost city of Atlantis, alien abductions, bigfoot, and whatever other crazy shit he had going on in his head at the time, just to get him into any spotlight available.

Today, that worthless cocksucker may very well become emperor of america. How fucked up is that? How could sane people let this become possible? We are SO fucked if that fraud gets elected.

Comment Re:Trump supporters less able to identify a fake s (Score 1) 142

I want to know how such a retarded fucking post such as yours gets modded informative? Is there someone out there dumber than you with mod points?
Your post is nothing but the same stupid ignorant shit spewed by fox news opinionists et al.

There is NO liberal media and NO "pro-Hillary mainstream media" you ignorant fucktard! There is a somewhat "mainstream" news media system that strives to be as informative as they can and still manage ratings, and then you have the real "fake" news propaganda outlets such as Fox News Corp that spin and twist, edit and add, delete and change current events into their own version of news they then present mixed with carefully crafted opinion by professional dicklickers like Bill OReally? and Spin Hannity.

If you are a marker of just how ill informed and ignorant the average american is, God help us all. We are all SO fucked.

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