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Comment Re: Wah wah wah, we don't want competition (Score 1) 117

Unfortunately the job creators have been very good to the Chinese by sending all the manufacturing jobs to China.
So of course they can "keep costs low and profits high." Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Pennies on the dollar cheap Chinese child labor.

So, .. "Everybody that matters is happy." Well the poor slobs that have lost their jobs off-shored to China, maybe not so much

But the bright side, there is all sorts of really cool cheap Chinese made stuff stocked full on Walmart's shelves for whenever those poor slobs can steal enough shit from the "job creators" and hock that shit back to the very same people they stole it from for cash so they can go to Walmart and buy all that cool shit imported from China.

So now "Everybody that matters is happy.

Comment MSFT (Score 2) 224

Not meaning to troll,
but articles like this always leave me with a smile, not out of malice, but out of relief .. that I got away from M$ products SO many years ago.
Not even a twitch, only condolences to the poor bastards having their lives literally ruined by M$ Abortionware and the reasoning of the assholes at the M$ helm. From TFA, et al.

For the record:
% uname -a
FreeBSD Krypton42 10.2-RELEASE-p14 FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p14 #0: Wed Mar 16 20:46:12 UTC 2016 amd64

Comment Re:Dangerous Zealots. (Score 1) 191

Define "illegal".
I watch every-single-day as the US gov does all sorts of "illegal" bullshit claiming any-and-every form of "executive privilege".
CRAB violated every law they chose to on bullshit premises, .. and got away with it with the support of every republican moron in the land, .. citing the current bogeyman of "war on terror" as their excuse to get around every protection the US Constitution affords.

Forget islamic state, the US gov, (House, Senate and supreme court) which are now under total control by right wing lunatics, under the control of their corporate owners (Monsanto, Dow chemical, Carlyle group, Halliburton, Bechtel, Goldman Sachs, et al) are far more dangerous to American's rights and lives than any islamic group will ever be.

No, .. these assholes (the KKK) are fair game to any that choose to push back against their inbred ignorance.
Fuck those assholes!

"Nobody's right if everybody's wrong."

Comment Re:Thanks, Microsoft (Score 1, Insightful) 374

Give a good look at PCBSD.
The Linux ecosystem is currently in upheaval due to an abortion being assimilated by most distros, called systemd.
The purpose of systemd is to make the Linux desktop more "windows like". It is necessary for the Gnome desktop to function. The Gnome desktop is a pile of garbage, so don't waste your time if you can avoid it.
PCBSD will run on most hardware and is simple to install and use.

Comment Bubonic Plague (Score 3, Informative) 132

I used to live in Tahoe.
Occasionally during the summer months, someone would contract bubonic plague after their house cats were outside and near ground squirrel burrows.
It is transmitted by fleas of the common ground squirrel in the area. Don't remember the species.

The infestation of infected fleas usually gets worse in drought years.

Plague fleas are found all over the sierras, Yosemite as well.

Comment Re:Aging Out (Score 1) 263

We have the same system in Alaska.
Unfortunately there seems to be a bug of some sort, in the functioning of the pencil component, as we still get a lot of already-corrupted republicans voted in.

Although we DID vote in legalized cannibus last go-round so the universe does seem to self-correct from time to time.

Comment Re:Mostly dupe article (Score 1) 30

There are many more real and working ancient remedies than you know.
The main problem limiting your access to, or knowledge of them, depends on whether the Multi-National-Pharma giants can own and profit from something anyone can get for free. All you have to do is know where to look, what to pick, and how to prepare.

For example, I've been using golden seal root for years and have killed off intestinal parasites and pretty much any bug that makes me ill, all in very short order.
You can buy the stuff at any health store but your Big Uncle Pharma can't own and patent it. No advertising, no marketing, something that works well but few know about.

Imagine a news break about a common plant or a common sense lifestyle that could put the multi-billion dollar flu shot industry out of business. Oh the horror!!!
Nope, that wouldn't fly ..

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