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Comment Plugging in the Plug at work ... (Score 4, Insightful) 87

The biggest flaw in this device is that it's expected that you can plug in a plug at work for offsite backup. Do these people actually work at corporate america? It's a non-company sanctioned device connected to the corporate network consuming a non-trivial amount of bandwidth. The odds of this flying at the work place are nearly 0, and most likely the network admin would look at you like you're crazy for even suggesting it.

Comment "Ignorant" (Score 5, Insightful) 1152

Telling somebody that they're ignorant about a particular topic may potentially (and more often than not) have the underlying connotation that that person should have known better in the first place. Nobody is going to tell Dr. Dawkins that he's ignorant of baseball because that's a useless statement. When somebody tells you that you're ignorant of "traffic laws", "etiquette", or "geography" you get the point.

Applied to the religious, telling them that they're ignorant of evolution, and being defensive about them getting mad about the statement because you think it's just a fact IS ignorant. The religious already believe that they've considered everything they need to know about evolution, and have discredited it in their own minds. The real strategy here is to not start with a public conclusion of them being ignorant, but to simply ask questions and answer their rebuttals. Eventually you'll hit a contradiction or hole in their misunderstanding, and the real question there is what they'll do next. Do they open their minds to truth, no matter how repugnant it is to their faith, or do they stay aggressively closed minded about the subject?

Comment Re:On the one hand... (Score 3, Informative) 316

You write in your own, but you don't acknowledge the hierarchical DNS system which has a root managed by the IANA, a department of ICANN, based in Los Angeles, CA. Without providing a secure, non-centralized (those two tend to contradict each other) alternative to DNS, which every country in the world can agree to use as a replacement, your proposal can't go anywhere.

Comment Re:the US West Coast is next (Score 1) 313


I think it's just as valid to say that Japan's earthquakes are a paid cost that the rest of the world no longer has to absorb by having earthquakes in their region. Japan takes one for the team so to say. But I'm talking out of my ass.

If there were any real models that measured likelihood of an earthquake in region X with any degree of reliability, I'd have a fucking widget for in on my phone. "The weather is 64 degrees, 10% chance of rain, and 1e-5% chance for a 6.0 magnitude or larger earthquake."

Comment Stop pissing on the drivers, it's the games. (Score 1) 240

I have a pair of XFX Radeon 6870s in CrossFire at the moment. The recent Control Center rewrite combined with the performance upgrades for the 11.4 drivers (still in testing) make it seems like AMD is really caring for a quality customer experience these days.

However, the latest games that could take advantage of this hardware, aren't. "Can it play Crysis" is a fucking joke now since Crysis 2 was just released with buggy/failed CrossFire/SLI support. That and the configuration options for graphics quality have been reduced to resolution and an enumeration (high, very high, extreme). The title that had the potential to demonstrate the power of today's latest cards shows that it's just a POS console port. Crytek failed the basic customer Crysis originally catered to.

Sure there are other games out there that can stress out today's platform a touch, but they are last years games. It also seems like it's a 50/50 chance that a game released for PC this year will be another console port, and in turn have the quality and QA such a title is expected to have: piss poor.

I have a sinking feeling that being a PC gamer is nothing more than being an alpha tester for the 2015 consoles.

Comment Embrace WIFI (Score 2) 375

I've YET to come across a coffee shop that embraces having WIFI at their establishment. It's like they just add it like decoration, and then whine and complain when there's a side-effect on how customers interact with the business. Here's some ideas:

  • Let's me order a drink or snack from my device w/o having to stand at the counter for 10 minutes listening to the espresso grinder and steamer.
  • Had some type of minimums for time spent. I'm totally fine with $5/hr if I'm taking up table space.
  • For that $5/hr, there should be a retractable Ethernet cord and power plug on the table itself. Awesome, nobody is going to trip over my power brick.
  • Hell, how about the ability to change the music like juke-boxes in 50s style-cafes?
  • Add that quarter to change the song to my tab, and let me checkout using paypal or whatever.

That's just off the top of my head. Come on "indie" coffee shop owners, this is easy. Have your establishment embrace WIFI and the customers who want to use it! Please!


Auto Incorrect 86

theodp writes "Combine smartphone auto correction and fat-fingered virtual keyboard typing, writes Rob Walker, and the results can be hilarious and even shocking. The website Damn You, Autocorrect collects the awesomely embarrassing text messages that you never meant to send. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to masturbate some chicken for bisexuals night!"
PlayStation (Games)

Split Screen Co-op Is Dying 362

kube00 writes "Split-screen co-op and local multiplayer are becoming things of the past. What happened to cramming a bunch of gamers into a room with two TVs and doing a system link match in Halo? Where have the all-night GoldenEye matches gone? Like the arcades of gamers' youth, the local multiplayer and co-op bonding experience has been replaced with individual gamers and a network."

Real Reason Why the White iPhone 4 Is Delayed 182

tekgoblin writes "There have been numerous reasons why the White iPhone 4 may be delayed with one reason being the color mismatch between the home button and the body. Well this time there is another reason. A source has told CultofMac that the reason for the delay is a light leakage issue caused by the case being clear. Light from the case leaks into pictures taken by the back and front camera on the white iPhone 4, causing distorted pictures. This problem is non-existent on the black iPhone 4, because of its already black case, so Apple has been looking for a solution to this problem, thus the delay of the White iPhone 4 till spring of next year."

Whisky Made From Diabetics' Urine 226

It's doubtful that any other distillery will come up with a whisky that tastes like Gilpin Family Whisky because of its secret ingredient: urine. Researcher and designer James Gilpin uses the sugar rich urine of elderly diabetics to make his high-end single malt whisky. From the article: "The source material is acquired from elderly volunteers, including Gilpin's own grandmother, Patricia. The urine is purified in the same way as mains water is purified, with the sugar molecules removed and added to the mash stock to accelerate the whisky's fermentation process. Traditionally, that sugar would be made from the starches in the mash."

Halo Reach Leaked To Filesharing Sites 160

Stoobalou writes "What appears to be the full version of Bungie's Halo Reach game has turned up on a number of file sharing sites. The hotly-anticipated multi-player shooter had been hosted on a private area of the Microsoft Live site in order for journalists to preview the release, but Microsoft has admitted that a security breach has meant that pirates have been able to bypass personal download codes given to writers. Disk images of the game are now appearing on a number of public torrent and P2P sites as well as on popular NZB aggregators and Usenet binaries newsgroups." The game isn't due to be released until September 14th. Microsoft is said to be "aggressively pursuing" whoever grabbed the files without their permission.

Comment PCs Still not Good Enough (Score 1) 518

So I own both an XBox 360 and a PC. The PC has a GeForce 295GTX, Intel 980X, Intel 160GB SSD, and 12GB corsair dominator ram. Even with this configuration,


Although I do appreciate the increased frame rates, textures, and random cool effects, it's still the same butt-kiss 3D that I've been seeing for the past 5 years, just more detailed.

The only thing game changing nowadays are games with destructible environments. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the most recent example. However that's still not enough. People's facial expressions and skin still looks plastic and fake. Too many hard lines everywhere. Explosions of something that generates millions of shrapnel particles still take too much CPU. I can still see the effects of draw distance, etc.

Given this, and the need to develop a game, then PCs should take second seat to consoles, and if and only if there's enough of a justified budget should a port be written. Maybe in 5 years things will be different, but by then consoles will have had a hardware refresh, and PCs will be back at square 0 trying to compete.

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