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Submission + - XAware Stable Release (

SF:tferguson_xa writes: Released March 31, 2009 - SVN build We\'re pleased to present our latest stable build of 5.4, which has the following new features and updates: BLOBs can now be handled with SQL and Stored Procedure BizComponents, and CLOB support for MySQL has also been added. Additional elaboration and development has been done on the latest service wizard for reading and writing binary, text, and XML using the File BizComponents. Please check it out and let us know what you think. At the request of the community, full support of SOAP headers, including editing, adding, and deleting, has been added to the SOAP wizard. The Designer startup has been improved with the ability to pre-load examples of your choice. Current bug count: Open - 174 Closed - 565 Total - 739

Submission + - CNN Discovers Nefarious April Fools Day Plot

TinBromide writes: Apparently, the fine folks over at CNN have discovered that certain news vendors may be posting less than trustworthy stories on today, the first of April. CNN offers the following tips for wary readers:

If a news item seems especially outrageous on April 1, it just may be a hoax
Among the good ones already: The Guardian reportedly switches to Twitter format
Taipei Times editor says, "Readers and viewers should keep a critical mind"

Fellow slashdotters, take heed of CNN's wisdom and don't fall prey to these vicious practices.

Comment I forgot to pay. (Score 1) 8

Sorry guys, I was in such a rush to get to class on time (I was 20 mins late, didn't think it would take so long to get there) I forgot to pay. Whoever picked up my tab and part of the tip drop me a line so I can repay you.

Had a great time guys. We should do it again for the 20th. So what did I miss?

Submission + - Bionic eye could restore vision

MattSparkes writes: "A new bionic eye could restore vision to the profoundly blind. A prototype was tested on six patients and "within a few weeks all could detect light, identify objects and even perceive motion again. For one patient, this was the first time he had seen anything in half a century." The user wears a pair of glasses that contain a miniature camera and that wirelessly transmits video to a cellphone-sized computer in the wearer's pocket. This computer processes the image information and wirelessly transmits it to a tiny electronic receiver implanted in the wearer's head."

Submission + - Yahoo patents Web 2.0!!!

nbmonger writes: As reported on Techcrunch and CrunchGear — Yahoo was recently issued a patent focused on Web 2.0 that could have a serious impact for websites (and developers) which allow users to create customizable pages. An analysis of the patent and the 20+ companies which could be affected is covered on PatentMonkey. Interestingly, Yahoo sued Google back in 2004 with a patent Yahoo obtained when they acquired Overture. The net result was Yahoo owning 5% of Google. Perhaps Yahoo will use the patent to take a 5% stake in all the MashUps knowing some will pay off handomsly.
The Courts

Submission + - In Alabama, Sex Toys are Just Like Prostitution

An anonymous reader writes: A federal appeals court has upheld an Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys against a claim that the law conflicted with the Supreme Court's prior holding that private sexuality is protected by the Constitution. The court reasoned that, because sex toys are bought and sold in "public" transactions, selling them is just like prostitution, and therefore it could be banned.

Submission + - Over 27% of Firefox patches come from volunteers

dolphinling writes: "Everyone knows the Mozilla Corporation makes a lot of money and employs a lot of people now. Google has full-time employees working on Firefox too, as do a number of other places. Yet despite that, in the six months up to Firefox 2 "27% of the patches to Firefox and Gecko and other key projects were submitted by key volunteers, [and] those patches represent 24% of changes made to the source code". What's more, those numbers only counted contributers with 50 patches or more, so the actual numbers are probably quite a bit higher. It's good to see that even as Mozilla does so well in the business world, it can still keep its ties to the community so strong."

Submission + - Drive-By Pharming Attack Could Hit Home Networks

Rob writes: is reporting that security researchers at Symantec and Indiana University have figured out a way to compromise home networks using a single line of JavaScript in a web page. The attack, which they have called "drive-by pharming", would enable attackers to convincingly pretend to be any web site on the internet, making it fairly trivial to repeatedly phish for sensitive information, install malware on users' machines, or steal email.

Duke Nukem Forever Reviewed 80

Aranth writes "The staff at Ars Technica has gotten its hands on a demo of Duke Nukem Forever, and has written up a review. It seems the game is near ready for release! As the article explains, the reason it has taken so long to develop is because this is the first real Web 3.0 application- it has 'been rewritten as an Ajax application written using the Ruby on Rails framework' and runs in any web browser, although some seem to have difficulties." Sadly, the game looks to be deficient in the area of ponies. :(((( But, it's playable from my hiptop!! :))))

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