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Comment a week on and things wearing thin (Score 1) 1

the "fun" of long hours passes quickly. Two and a half weeks into 50+ hour weeks, and i'm shattered. waking up too early - not enough gap between finishing work and going to bed to allow the brain to properly unwind.

i woke up monday morning after a pretty relaxing weekend absolutely tired. I'd had a good 7-8 hours sleep both nights on the weekend but still the body is rebelling.

The boss saw that i clocked about 20 hours OT last week (all unpaid), asked if anything could be done to help fix this, and when i said "we have clients that expect things, and i'm the only guy who can do it" didn't really offer any help.

my body seems to be rebelling in quiet ways, and is telling me that i can't carry on like this for much longer.

I have a big weekend coming up and i have a feeling that the week leading up will be another nightmare. if i'm feeling this tired, i'm going to take friday off to rest up. i'm not having work ruin a decent weekend. I'll tell the bosses midweek.

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