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Comment Re:Quantum Computing Crackpottery Marches On (Score 1) 117

Quantum physics is very logical. It is just counter intuitive. That you can't understand it, doesn't mean it is illogical. Kuhn's paradigm shift did already happen. It happened with the advent of Quantum Physics. It's just that you haven't caught up yet.

I'm sorry, but you are obviously just a tiresome crackpot. You don't understand quantum physics. You don't understand superpositions or entanglement. You give up relativity and the notion of space to save what you call logic. Your post doesn't contain any substance, and I will not answer any more of them until they do.

How about the question I stated earlier: How do you explain the double slit experiments without superpositions? Your ideas aren't worth dust before you explain this simple experiment.

Comment Re:Little off topic.. (Score 1) 475

You are probably right for a part of the Mac buyers, but I'm quite tired of the old cliche of Mac buyers as "oh, shiny!" people. Some of us got just tired of crappy software on crappy hardware, even if people tell me that win XP is a quite decent operating system after service pack 2 or something. Writing this on my heavily used and badly worn, three year old Macbook, I definitely don't spend much money on computers, but I have a machine and an operating system that feels very current. (I do run the latest version of Mac OS X though).

Comment Re:Quantum Computing Crackpottery Marches On (Score 1) 117

Bell's inequality says, loosely speaking, that if you have locality then you must have superpositions. Most physicists thinks we have locality, otherwise information could be transmitted faster than light. If information can be transmitted faster than light, we get problems with causality and then we are in a real mess. Then you could really start to talk about counterintuitive.

The Schroedinger equation is central to quantum physics. It describes how a state evolves with time. Again, it is not something that is specific to the Copenhagen interpretation.

What do you suggest that we should replace the principle of superposition with? How do you explain the double slit experiments without superpositions?

Comment Re:Fuck off, you dumb lardass (Score 1) 117

You don't even know how to troll properly. I'm Scandinavian, and the only reason I chose to spell Cesium in this way was because that was how it was spelled in the post. When in Rome... You have now not only proved your illiteracy, but also your stupidity by your unfounded conclusions, you inbred gnome.

Comment Re:Quantum Computing Crackpottery Marches On (Score 1) 117

You are plain wrong on all accounts:

Superposition is not a part of only the Copenhagen interpretation. You obviously didn't read the Wikipedia article you link to. It doesn't even contain the word superposition.

No, no one has ever observed superposed states, since the wavefunction collapses as soon as anyone try to observe it. It is not silly guesswork. The brightest minds in modern time have failed to come up with any other explanation. Einstein was only one of them. You can not say "the property has a given state but the state can instantly change when the particle interacts with another". Read about Bell's inequality[]. It has been experimentally proven that you are wrong.

We, quantum physicists, don't have a clue why the nature is not probabilistic, but we certainly care to know why. I was on a seminar yesterday were the discussion came up again for the nth time. We are though very good at describing and predicting the phenomena. It is amusing how everyone that have read or heard some popular account of quantum physics thinks they happen to be smarter than the best scientists of the last century.

The same people who think they aren't fooled still enjoy the fruits of quantum mechanics. They use the power from nuclear power plants, they use semiconductors and lasers every day. Things that wouldn't be possible without quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is very counter intuitive. Quantum mechanics is hard. It takes effort and time to understand even for the gifted. It is just sad how many people that haven't put in the effort or don't have the capacity to understand it feel free ridicule it. As Bob Dylan sang: Don't criticize what you can't understand

Comment Re:Quantum Computing Crackpottery Marches On (Score 1) 117

Superposition of states is fundamental to quantum physics and not a part of the Copenhagen interpretation. The principle of superposition has been tested over and over again and is as far from a guess as you can come. Especially since it is counter-intuitive it has been scrutinized and tested more than most fundamental principles in science.

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