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Comment Mixed Bag (Score 2, Insightful) 452

I have been playing Dragon Age at a friends house, and have been tempted to buy it, but I think I will hold off after running into the guy trying to sell me DLC in the camp site. WTF?!?! Bioware, how you have disappointed me. I am sure this is EA's decision to milk the franchise even more, and this is what all of us were screaming about when EA bought them out. Ah, how the mighty have fallen. Whats next? In the next game, we will have ads playing during loading screens? Or perhaps we will have company brand names put on items? Pathetic. Still, the game IS fun, and besides the DLC annoyance I am having a blast. I will probably get it, but not as it is. Why buy an incomplete product? I will wait till the mondo, super, complete edition will be released in a year or two at a reduced price that will include ALL the DLC, addons, extra content, etc.

Comment Doesn't this justify pirating? (Score 2, Insightful) 414

If they already found everyone who buys a ipod of pirating, then there is no reason not to pirate every song now. Do not spend another single penny on buying another song and instead just pirate the shit. If you want to help the artist, then send them a money order with a letter telling them that they want to support the artist but will not send a dime to the music industry.

Comment In related news... (Score 2, Interesting) 140

...Piracy jumps 8000% after plan is implemented. Seriously, this was tried with the DRM securvirus fiasco, people like me REFUSED to buy anything that had it on it, and drove everybody to get the pirated version. Not only that, people went to every site that had reviews of the games and nuked the reviews which hurt sales even more. EA finally relented and seems to have learned their lesson and not put any securcrap on their latest games (besides CD check). Go ahead and put this on your games/movies/others, they will learn soon enough what happens when a company gets too greedy the moment they do.

Comment Not Worth The Money (Score 1) 187

I have seen the "Demo" out there and let me just say it is NOT worth the money they are charging. It is obvious that a lot of stuff was taken out of the game to be nickled and dimed to the public. If you buy it, you are getting ripped off big time, I suggest holding off a few years until they released a sims3 complete package for 20 dollars.

Comment Face Recognization technology for the public? (Score 1) 140

Since we are on the subject of Face Recolonization, when will some public use FR come into effect? I really like google's FR for online albums, but I have a hard drive with GIGS of pictures I would like to easily go through and find and name faces for me. I am hoping google or some company will release an offline FR software that we can use. Anybody know of any commercial software that does it?

Comment Believable (Score 1) 545

Not really surprised, look at how many business jumped on vista, and before vista even took off its diapers, we have windows 7 coming out the door. Most business employees are used to xp, its what they have at home and its what they have at work. What company is going to spend the money necessary to upgrade their OS(not to mention new hardware) AND spend extra money + time retraining all their employees to use the new system? It will eventually start spreading just because xp has stopped being supported, BUT it will be a very slow process, we are talking probably three to five years before it even starts to spread. However, by that time, Microsoft will have ANOTHER OS ready to come out.

Comment Price Gouging (Score 1) 479

This is obviously a price gouging scheme they had in the works. You should write/call your representatives/local media/FCC...etc and let them know how you feel about this. Let them know that not only this, BUT the fact that cities preventing competition from entering is unacceptable and you want a change. If you don't, I hope everyone enjoys getting violated with the $150 price a month, you know other ISP's are going to follow them if they get away with it.

Comment If only it wasn't for the new ending... (Score 2) 489

Possible spoiler about book: Ok, I have not seen it and really reluctant to. The ending is what got me really worried. The ending is supposed to be the WTF moment(not the generic and boring new one) where an alien attack takes place that forces everybody in the world to band together and set a aside their differences. Yes, the squid was stretching belief but the idea of aliens forcing humanity together is still sound. Now that we have Dr Manhattan as the one blamed, it changes it into an external force into an internal force. On top of that, the other countries would not band together but look at each other with even more suspicion, the most likely scenario it would band other countries against the U.S., since it was DR Manhattan who caused it. Also, taking out the bodies at the end of the book was stupid, don't give me that bullshit about 9/11 after all the other stuff put in the movie (nuclear cloud, rape, kids body..etc), Why do directors HAVE to fuck up the endings in otherwise great movie? I don't want to see a fantastic movie, just to have it be disappointed at the end.

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