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Comment Re:8 GB of flash in the disk vs 8GB of RAM on boar (Score 1) 141

8GB isn't enough cache for those of us who want the OS and multiple large applications on the SSD. But 32GB or 64GB of cache might be. I frequently use Xcode, Eclipse, Photoshop, Logic, and another dozen applications on a daily or weekly basis, and if I don't want to wait 30 seconds for Photoshop to start, then I'm still looking at getting a main 128GB SSD and a regular HD and setting up a Fusion drive, or just going all SSD. I somehow doubt 8GB of cache will live up to any expectations I have about loading times compared to the SSD that I'm used to.

Comment Robots from China (Score 1) 602

All of the robots used to produce these products will be made in China. So really the jobs are rendered obsolete by robots, and then the robots are moved to the US, but the actual jobs that support this supply chain still originate from China. It does look better on paper to say these products are manufactured in the US.

Comment Your content becomes shared content (Score 1) 291

When you post links and images and status updates, it isn't just your information, it's broadcasted information. If a bunch of people are tagged in a photo you posted, it isn't really your photo anymore. This is kind of the nature of the internet. If someone really doesn't want something shared, they can e-mail it or throw it on a file server and give someone a link to it.

Comment What is TV? (Score 1) 839

It's sooo broke I don't even care to spend the money to buy one, or pay for the content that's on it. It's junk and wastes my time. If I want to watch the Colbert Report or Breaking Bad I just get them from online somewhere, probably for free and without ads. I don't ever care to waste my hard earned money on something that makes me watch ads. That's like buying a car that you only get to drive half the time. It's a complete waste. I'd rather buy the content online, without ads, and watch it when I want, and where I want. It's just easier that way and actually worth my time and money. TV is dead, most of the content on it is junk, and the content that is worth watching will sell well online through channels like iTunes and can exist independently of TV.

Comment Web UI (Score 1) 1040

After using OS X for many years now and still occasionally tinkering with Windows and Linux, I'm pretty much completely content with Snow Leopard or Lion. Add onto that the clean and easy UI you get with the iPad and iPhone and I'm sold. At this point in time I spend a majority of my computer usage on the internet and I'm more appalled with Web UI than I am with OS UI.

Comment Why not develop it further? (Score 1) 99

I've always thought that WebOS was great, it just needs a little fine tuning and a little ecosystem of services to support it. Why not bring in a few really talented, creative people who can refine the user experience and help develop the platform a bit, then get it in the hands of people at a fair price point. It's really one of the better operating systems out there, and the fact that they have it and don't know what to do with it implies terrible things for HP.

Comment It was probably a time issue (Score 2) 230

They wanted to get it out there in time and it was probably faster to throw something together on Azure instead of setting up their own servers. I'm sure iCloud is what Apple had in mind when they started building the huge data centers in North Carolina and I'm willing to bet Azure is only a temporary solution and eventually everything will be transferred to their new data center. They probably didn't want to risk another Mobile Me type release. Still, it's a tip of the hat to MS.

Comment Acid 3 (Score 1) 132

I stick with Safari and Chrome because of the Acid 3 support from WebKit and HTML5 animations support. At least when I view a web page I know it's being rendered properly. Firefox has fallen behind ever since Chrome came out. Safari has always been great. Opera is decent and fast, but I don't like the UI as much as Safari and Chrome. IE9 is not as embarrassing as the previous versions and IE10 might even be respectable (I own a Mac so IE is irrelevant to me), but I'll stick with WebKit based browsers because of the features, clean UI, and reliability.

Comment Incentives? (Score 1) 228

"she's optimistic the US government can find incentives for companies to 'have intercept solutions engineered into their systems.'"

What incentives? Like money? Like the US government wants to be able to pay the companies for our privacy and buy it away from us? Like freedom and privacy aren't actually "rights" at all? Just luxuries that can be taken away from us if we don't pay enough or provide other incentives to compete with the government? This is what Penn & Teller call "Bullshit!"

Comment Facebook is great (Score 1) 470

For people who use it, it takes the place of many other forms of communication. Instead of calling someone on the phone, it's easier to just shoot them a message on FB. If I see them online I can chat with them really quick about something. It keeps all of my friends casually informed about if I'm going to be in town, or if we'll be going to the same event. Often times I find out about concerts and parties because I see that a lot of my friends will be going. From my perspective this whole "Facebook is stupid" attitude is mostly from old people who don't regularly keep in touch with friends the way younger people do. To me it seems like most social, happy, friendly, creative people who like to share stories and keep informed about the world, love Facebook and see it as an efficient form of communication and use it regularly on their phones, at home, and at work.

Comment ACID3 (Score 1) 238

And it still probably won't be able to pass the Acid3 test. Firefox has turned into a piece of crap that people use instead of using something worse, like IE. Mostly, the average user thinks that running Firefox will prevent them from getting viruses. For most people who understand browsers, there is Safari and Chrome.

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