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Journal Em Emalb's Journal: It's about time I wrote about this. Chicago Bears 5

So, my beloved Bears are playing in the superbowl.

This team is different from the team that played a hugely overachieving Seahawks. Everyone talks about Manning, and him getting to the SB, but on a larger scale, the Bears finally got past the 1st game of the playoffs, which is nice. That to me was huge. I watched that game with baited breath the entire time waiting for them to implode. I never worried during the Saints game.

This team has the chance to win, even though the NFC is a huge dog to the AFC again this year. Rightly so, as the AFC is a much tougher league...this year.

However, you don't go 13-3 over the course of a season and suck. The Bears did have an easy schedule, but for the most part they blew out the weak teams and outlasted the stronger teams. I'm liking their chances against the Colts much better than I liked their chances against the Pats, so that's a good thing.

This game is a validation, imo, of the system they have in place and the personnel they have on the field. I just wish Mike Brown wasn't out, he's such a difference maker.

Speaking of difference makers, Sexy Rexy has taken me on a roller coaster this year. I never waivered in my faith of my boy from FLA, unlike the media thinks pretty much every Bears fan has. He's the best shot we have. The game, luckily, doesn't solely depend on him having a better than average game. He's come up huge in the clutch, which for me is a sign of good things to come.

I'm not gonna kid myself, the Colts are a damned good team, and that D has tightened up a ton during their playoff run. However, if the Bears can do three things, they'll win this game.

1) Run the ball effectively.

2) control the clock. The longer they can keep Manning and Co off the field, the better.

3) stop the short pass. The deep ball isn't as much of a threat as the media portray. Any time a QB throws a long pass, there's a damned good chance it will get picked off. When the Bears played badly this year (Miami, Arizona) it was because they were missing tackles and getting nickle and dimed to death by the short pass. If they stop the short pass, they have a legit shot at winning this game.

If they don't, it will be a long day in the Em household.

GO BEARS! It's been 21 years, time to do this.

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It's about time I wrote about this. Chicago Bears

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  • I watched that game with baited breath the entire time waiting for them to implode.

    I think it was Bill Simmons quoting his father that said exactly what I was thinking during the Seattle game: "I couldn't care less who wins this game, and I'm still biting my nails every time Rex Grossman takes a snap."

  • Both the Colts and Pats would be tough. The latter because they never seem to slack in big games. The previous because they have such a chip on their shoulders. This is the exact opposite of what OSU did in the college game: they were floating on 100% positive glowing press, the Heismann, five weeks of vacation. They were so unprepared for playing the actual game of football that they got blown off the line and couldn't recoup.

    The Bears and Colts match up chip-for-chip: Peyton has a horrible playoff r
  • If Rex Grossman would just stop throwing the ball behind the receiver. Also, if he'd stop trying to make every pass a long bomb.
  • I was hoping though...for a little Superbowl Shuffle - 2007 style - ... but I guess these guys aren't as flashy and charismatic as the 85 team...
    and btw.. in the Arizona game... AZ scored opening drive with a LONG ball :) down the left sideline =)

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