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Comment Re:Following Apple (Score 1) 535

If your Mac runs Linux sexy women will ditch their man to come over for some hot sex. I know this to be true because my Mac runs Linux and my "piece of ass" comes over regularly to have hot sex with me but she tells her b/f that she is taking a nap. She took a 4 day nap last week.

Comment Re:How the telcos will respond (Score 4, Insightful) 150

BOTH of you wake up! Digital TV channels are NOT as wide as analog TV channels. Also, the digital TV signal is virtually immune to low level interference. If you look on the FCC database you can already find extensive use of the "in between" space between other radio services channel allotments. There are two-way radio systems, monitoring devices, various digital links and all sorts of other goodies, even radio astronomy. Currently on the spectrum chart you can find multiple frequency ranges allocated for several radio services. (source: The telco's will respond by finding a market to sell to. For example, many automatically controlled radio systems are not allowed to be controlled by a link that is part of the primary radio channel. Telephone companies can fill this need the same way they have for the past 70 years - they sell dedicated lines meant for the remote control of communications equipment. The reason comm equipment cannot be remote controlled over its own radio channel is because if something goes wrong with that device that requires it to be shut down its radio channel may be compromised. Telephone lines don't use the radio link, its just a pair of copper wires connected to a switching device. We do this all the time in the broadcast and communications world.

Comment Re:The theoretical power of Linux (Score 1) 532

I run Linux exclusively on my desktop, laptop, servers and my Mac. Mac OS sucks for my needs so the obvious choice was to install Linux. As far as an easy to install packages, its as simple as starting an application, searching for the application you want, reading the description of the package, selecting the package and clicking apply. All that is required is a connection to the repository or to the install CD. Dependencies are automatically satisfied as needed for almost all applications. Several of my non-techie clients are also running Linux after I let them play with my laptop and they saw how much easier it was compared to Windows and Mac. Most of them love the fact that most OSS is free and much of it is 100% compatible with their previous Win32 and Mac data.

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