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Comment Re:Apprentice? (Score 1) 948

When I hire a new graduate I look for two things.

1. Have they had a job? Not necessarily a programming job but just some job. I can't abide with having to teach the basic stuff like arriving on time (and on time is up to 10:00am ino ur team), calling in when sick and dressing tidy (daily showers are a bonus). But more importantly I don't want to hire someone who has good grades because mum and dad paid all the bills so they could spend all their time studying. If they've done 20 hours a week somewhere and received good grades they I'm really interested. It's nice if they've got outside interests too, Football, Church, Charity, Travel whatever. Oh and volunteer work is a huge bonus

2.Can they fit in with my team? Do they have a personality that will fit in or are they a really smart turd?

Once they start with me us I expect it to take six months before I'm getting class work out of them. I expect them to take on some of the crap jobs to start with (another reason work experience helps) but I have a plan in place. I start them on something important but not urgent so there is time for them to do rework. I expect them to make mistakes, I expect them to fix their own problems with support of peers and I expect to spend time mentoring them. They are an apprentice and I treat them like they still need training. I do not accept other developers fixing the trainees mistakes without their involvement.

If we get it wrong we cut the relationship.

I spend a lot of time on them and expect them to work hard but we're very generous with ensureing that they become a very worthwhile team member.... then the challenge is keeping them but that is a whole other story...

Comment Meanwhile Back in Australia (Score 1) 439

We are in the middle of summer and the whole country is getting stomped on. On the West Coast around Perth (faces the Indian Ocean) there has been a huge heat wave followed by massive storms and Cyclones.

On the east coast Queensland (facing the Pacific) has had record rains and floods and Victoria (facing the Southern Ocean) has had floods, Victoria is about to host the Australian Open Tennis final and it is predicted to exceed 40 Degrees Celsius (104 F)...

I can't wait for winter, but it does get pretty cold in Brisbane... I mean we actually had a day last year get down to 2 Degrees Celsius (35.6 F) but that was the middle of the night so it wasn't too rotten... but I was forced to cuddle up to my wife ;-)

The Queensland flood is supposed to be a 1 in 100 year event, we had the city under in 1974 and now 2011 but we also had enough water to do it in 1999 but the dams held it back...

Comment Re:bad story - I must agree (Score 3, Informative) 150

I love a "The Government are Idiots" story as good as anyone but this one just doesn't make sense. Last year the Birmingham Post ( stuck it to the council over a 383% growth in the cost of the website... it went from £580,000 to £2.8m. Where does the £48.4m come from? It comes from Capita's case study which IS NOT about the web site ( Birmingham Council may or may not be doing the smart thing and Capita might be ripping off the good people of Birmingham... if it's like City Councils where I live then they are probably screwing up badly but this article is a load of crap

Comment Business Intelligence Cubes (Score 1) 180

You haven't stated what you're needing this for, I assume it's not just for your own consumption. I work in Business Intelligence (Kimball Method Dimensional Modeling etc) and we use PeopleSoft ERP in our workplace. We have found that the best way of displaying/using this type of eclectic data is to model it in star schemas and put it in data cubes. This way the people who use the data can really use the data for analytical purposes... any other way just makes more work for us IT people, this is great for our pay packets but BAD for our work/life balance

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