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Submission + - Half-Life 2, EP1, EP2 and Lost Coast hit Linux! (

liamdawe writes: You heard right, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Lost Coast are now available on Linux in Beta form!

Considering all the titles we have now, it really can't be long until we see DOTA2, Counter Strike:GO and Portal 2!


Submission + - How a hacker "sextortionist" ruined girls' lives (

nonprofiteer writes: I've seen quite a few articles about the 32-year-old illegal immigrant that installed RATs on over 100 computers to get girls' nude photos, sex videos and financial details, but this article really drills down into how he did it and the psychic trauma of his victims. Via Ars Technica:

"Citing a few more recent examples, an August Associated Press story claimed that sextortion is on the rise in the US, and the government has taken to using the term in its criminal filings.

Without nude pictures and compromising videos, the attackers in such cases have no leverage—but digital devices have made it so easy to point, shoot, and share that everyone involved in the Mijangos hacks already had such pictures, and didn't appear to have hidden or secured them. With pictures that common, but taboos against their public distribution still strong, sextortion will certainly continue. But at least Luis Mijangos won't be doing it."


Submission + - Company Sells Open-Source Software As Its Own ( 4

teknopurge writes: "After using the software for years I was shocked to find that one of my favorite open-source projects, Zabbix, had its code stolen, rebranded and sold for profit as Firescope. Touting thier product as "revolutionary", Firescope has apparently copied the Zabbix repository and themed the interface without adhering to the GPL that Zabbix is distributed with. Is this not the worst fear of every open source project?"

Comment Re:Agreed on RT as First Step (Score 1) 236

How do you mean tracking jobs as they arrive / leave? Barcode scanned objects on arrival or similar?
We've adapted various business practices to take advantage of RTs strengths, and pretty much most of our company uses RT to one extent or another, from IT through to sales. We've set up autoforwarders on our mail servers so that e-faxes to certain numbers arrive in particular queues, we've got cron jobs setup to send e-mails out for regular departmental tasks and so on.

BBC Trust Will Hear iPlayer Openness Complaints 177

AnotherDaveB writes with a Register story reporting that the BBC Trust has asked to meet with open source advocates to discuss their complaints over the corporation's Windows-only on-demand broadband TV service, iPlayer. The development came less than 48 hours after a meeting between the Open Source Consortium and regulators at Ofcom on Tuesday. Officials agreed to press the Trust, the BBC's governing body, to meet the OSC. The consortium received an invitation on Wednesday afternoon.

Sony Sues Rootkit Maker 334

flyboy974 writes "Sony BMG Music Entertainment is suing the company that developed anti-piracy software for its CDs, claiming the technology was defective and cost the record company millions of dollars to settle consumer complaints and government investigations. The software in question is the MediaMax CD protection system, widely derided as a rootkit. Sony BMG is seeking to recover some $12 million in damages from the Phoenix-based technology company, according to court papers filed July 3."

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