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Comment Re:False dichotomy of the guilty conscience (Score 1) 332

I'm sorry I did only address the first boming, with regards to the second: There were three separate coup attempts and the cabinet were still debating what to do, so a significant proportion of the army and navy leadership were willing to continue the war anyway, I think there was also some debate as to whether the americans only had one bomb. The second bombing removed any ambiguity as to what the allies could do and what they were willing to do. If we have 250000 deaths/month in the empire and the 2nd bombing only brought forward the cabinets inevitable decision to surrender by a week, it would still be death neutral, and its far from certain that decision was inevitable. The co-propersity sphere was a vast area of the earth, the soviets had only invaded Mancuria in northeast China. It would have had little impact on the divisions in southern China, Burma, south east asia, the east indies, the pacific etc.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 2, Insightful) 165

The battle of New Orleans was after the peace treaty was signed. Britain wasn't trying to reconqueror the colonies, it was trying to stop its Candian provinces from being conquered by an aggressive expansionist empire while at the same time trying to win a world war against a genocidal miltary despot. I think it suceeded quite well.

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