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The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Klerck makes serious admission! 3

I want you all to witness this, before trolltalk gets erased.

Re:Ho Klercki!!!!! (Score:0)
by Klerck ( on Monday 14 Oct 2002 (#4442699)
(User #213193 Info | | Last Journal: 13:09 Tuesday 15 October 2002)

I love to be buttfucked, and I'm a total twink with the blonde hair that one would expect, and I don't mind it being played with!


Journal Journal: Do YOU care about Linux? 1

Hi all!

This is a re-run of a journal entry which was killed due to ethical reasons.

Do you care about Linux?
I don't. I care about BeOS, though, because it's so sexy in its single-user nature, which limits it to one devoted task: doing nothing.

Bye (and don't forget to love me)


Journal Journal: Camel sex

I wondered if any of you ever had sex with a camel.

I heard it's very joyfull, but I want to hear more about it. Please post your comments below. Thank you.

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: I hate xmas!!!! 1

Don't you hate christmas?
It's one of the most lousy holidays I know.. it's so wishy-washy and annoying.

I also can't stand all those ugly xmas movies (especially Jingle All The Way) and all those xmas specials, like the stupid one of Ally McBeal with the dead transgender. Bhaaaahh..

Here's the only xmas special I loved

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