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Comment Good luck with that (Score 5, Insightful) 181

Small communal companies; where everyone is in agreement on the company's focus and direction can run without senior management keeping a hand on the tiller. Once the company size grows beyond 50-60, it will either factionalize based on the differing visions for the company, implode, or strictly stay below the size where factions occur, it will grow and senior leadership/management will be needed.

Comment I would be interested if..... (Score 1) 147

If the camera system is watching the gestures from the blind side of the phone and making a guess based on the gestures that is can see. IE the camera's vision is occluded by the phone itself but it can see some of the gestures operating the phone and can make a guess from there. Somehow I think this would be more than 5 candidates.

Comment Re:Document everything (Score 2) 433

If you have a written log that spans weeks or months, it becomes much harder to refute it. The written documentation has to be detailed enough to point to other documentation (commits, emails, other permanent records) and provide a road map so the lawyers can follow the log and subpoena the supporting documentation. The written log lives in your bag and never leaves your bag unless you are writing in it. IF you think something could be a threat to you for firing or lawsuit, you write about it in the log. A handwritten log, in ink is best. It cannot easily be modified after the fact. Hand date every page and hand number every page. It is much harder to replace pages after the fact if every page is dated and numbered.

I was keeping a log this year against my supervisor. He was not acting as a project manager or an organized manager. If the shit hit the fan I could take the log out and start quoting chapter and verse on the times he failed in his role. Assuming he didn't have a competing log it is going to be very hard to compete with the written record. DO NOT SURRENDER THE ORIGINAL COPY TO ANYONE, unless ordered by a judge. If need be, provide full color copies of every page.

While this is not a perfect system, if provides guideposts of what was happening when and why so if an argument comes up you can look back at your notes to remember what was going on.

Comment Re:Never saw this coming (Score 1) 168

Read Amazon's privacy statement on the echo. You can request that all of the audio data collected on your account be deleted. Even easier-use the Alexa app to delete all of your audio content.

And before you ask - why don't they keep it anyway and just say "yup we're deleting it"? Because if the trust that had to be built up for people to agree to have this device in their house is violated (ex employee shows logs of all data being retained against users wishes), people will throw the devices out in a heart beat because of the violation of trust.

Comment Re:Never saw this coming (Score 1) 168

Amazon only records several seconds after the wake word. Other than that the device just sits there dumb waiting for the wake word. So there isn't going to be much chance that there is an audio recording of the murder occurring.

If the echo actually recorded everything in its hearing range and sent it up to the mother ship you would see the packet traffic, there would be a significant drag on your bandwidth and if you are charged by the megabyte your billing would jump through the roof the moment it was turned on (assuming something like 1 meg/minute of audio would give 1440 megs per day in usage).

Comment Re:Security and Comfort (Score 1) 303

The question then becomes - What level of security is desired? What level of security can be afforded? I threw out the basic level of security where all the doors are locked and the windows are inconvenient to break into.

The specifications were vague so I aimed for cheap and easily implemented.
Is submitter more concerned with data security or protecting the hardware?
What threat level does the person want to be able to resist: Window B&E? Chop saws? Man portable rams? Pneumatic hammers? Car knocking the wall? Ripping a door off with a tow cable? The walls could easily be made out of 10" CMU reinforced with rebar and filled with concrete with prison grade windows and doors. CMU walls and prison grade accessories are expensive.

We could easily design a vault that looks like an office, but how much money does submitter want to spend?

Comment Security and Comfort (Score 1) 303

For Security - you need to set the building up to reduce attention. You don't want BRAND NEW and you don't want NEGLECTED. Either is a red flag for people casing a building.

For physical security you need to address doors and windows.

Windows - lockable double pane windows with the retainers that prevent the windows from being opened more than 4" (this prevents someone from opening the window and crawling through). Plant rose bushes or other flowering thorny plants directly under the windows and properly prune them to make them an obstacle to approaching the window. Pull shades that are closed at the end of day to prevent snooping.
Doors - Metal door with security frame. A door designed to resist a police ram.

Any buried lines should be encased in PVC conduit from the house to the out building to prevent water intrusion. With separate conduits for different voltages.

Any long term noise generating devices (racks, air conditioning equipment) should be in a separate room with a closed door to prevent noise transfer.
The building should have year round heating and air conditioning. Sweltering in the heat and freezing in the cold is a sure fire way to not get any work done.

Comment Re:"Just call me, we have no chain of command" (Score 1) 488

Effectively the president does not set his own schedule. His scheduler does that.The presidential schedule is one of the most tightly controlled schedules on the planet. And it is scheduled down to the minute months in advance.

The president's time so important enough that anything that does not involve the president making a decision, getting briefed on making a decision or having a meeting related to legislation is handled by someone else. There is a line out the door of people who want/need to see the president (about decisions and legislation), all of these people need to be scheduled, all of these people are important, their issues are important, cancelling on them had better be for a reason other than "I wanted to skip that meeting". Free time does not exist in a presidential schedule, any unscheduled time is buried in reading briefs, approving position papers and all the other work required for a president. Vacations still have daily briefings and priority work.

If you aren't ready to work at least 80 hours a week, on a rigidly controlled schedule that is set by someone else, don't be the president of the US.

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