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Comment PC World Warranties and Money (Score 3, Insightful) 1018

Ahhh...PC World. Just last week I was in to purchase a throw away video card so I could install an OS onto a new build machine (the PCI-E graphics card kept hanging the install, but that's another story), and came across a "pre-owned" laptop some schmoo had purchased a month earlier, played with, lost the battery and cds for and was being sold for a very cheap price. Even with the cost of a replaced battery, was still a deal. After speaking to a sales guy (who let's face it, knew less about computers than some of the technphobes I work with)I was told that I would have to wait a bit as store policy said they had to image the disk so they could reset everything to factory standard. I told them straight up, I wasn't all that concerned about having Vista reset to factory standard as I was going to wipe everything when I got home and install Linux anyway. Oh well, we still have to do the back up and restore, company policy. An hour and a half later, I'm paying for my little splurge, and the sales guy is trying to flog me extra warranty cover...for a machine he knows I'm going to take home and "alter". It took me a good ten minutes to get him to stop trying. As if. In the end, screw the customer. It's all about how much they can make for how little effort.

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