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Comment How exactly will they break steam? (Score 2) 412

How will Microsoft pull this off? Steam downloads and installs applications. Is MS going to make downloading things outside of the Win Store difficult? Make installing applications difficult? I don't see either of things things flying with anyone who sells software meant to run on windows.

Comment Re:It was not political. (Score 1) 326

Drive down any highway in the United States. If the Speed Limit is 70 mph, the troopers aren't pulling over every car going 71 mph and up. They are pulling over whom they choose to pull over; sometimes its the guy going 85, sometimes its the car going 71 and "happens" to be driven by a minority.

Police departments throughout the United States don't have a history of profiling or racism through selective application of the law. What happened to Swartz is no different; just at a higher level.

Comment Free flow of information is paramount. (Score 1) 1862

I wonder how many people here who believe in the freedom of information think that freedom should not apply to the information a 3D printer requires to make a high capacity magazine?

After all, It would be a bit hypocritical to insist that digital technology (or even the VCR) has legal uses and should not be banned, while insisting 3d printed firearm parts should be banned. And if you can print your own Magazine, why even bother banning the magazine at all?

If you truly want information to be free, this will include the ability to download an make an entire gun, let alone a high capacity magazine.

As 3D printing becomes the norm, attempting to ban physical objects which have the potential for illegal purposes becomes moot. Its all information in the end.

Even if you outlaw 3d printed firearms, and put DRM on every single 3d printer, how long until someone jail breaks their 3D printer?

It is not the object that commits the crime, but the person. Much like jail-breaking my devices should not be a crime, nor should printing my own gun parts. Eventually laws will have to be changed that emphasize the actions performed by a person, and not the tools they carry.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong... (Score 1) 1388

Just an FYI: Posts where someone extolls the virtues of bling and hello kitty as a means of gun-control is not an honest assertion about the buying habits of women.

Your sarcasm meter needs adjusting. Be sure to take your sarcasm meters to a federally licensed sarcasm mechanic. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to your sarcasm meter. Symptoms of damage include thinking Steven Colbert is serious, and thinking there really is a federally licensed sarcasm repairman somewhere.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong... (Score 4, Funny) 1388

Not only would painting guns pink keep men from buying guns to look cool, Painting guns pink would also have the added benefit of getting women more interested in gun ownership.

Congress must pass a law immediately requiring all guns have a minimum amount of flair in order to be legal.

"Sorry sir, this AR-15 only has 23 pieces of glitter, hello kitty pendants, and rhinestones. The law states you need at least 24 pieces of flair. Get yourself down to Claire's and bling this weapon up immediately".

Comment Re:...and yet (Score 5, Interesting) 690

The economist in me says: "If the market could truly bear women being paid 20% less than men, then employers would only hire women." All businesses are looking for any means to cut costs.

No, I'm not saying women should be paid less or do an inferior job; I'm saying that old statistic is grossly over-used and over-applied.

Comment We the People is a Joke (Score 1, Flamebait) 141

We the People isn't a joke because of all the stupid petitions. It is a joke because the petition creators think the White House/Congress actually listens to the people.

The way you have your voice heard is to vote someone out of office, cross your fingers and tell yourself "This time things will be different. We won't get fooled again."

People have been able to petition the govt. for a redress of grievances since the founding of the republic (See: First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution).

Comment Re:$500,00 equipment with WinXP (Score 5, Informative) 727

A local library has the same problem. Checkout hardware has drives for XP and Win2k. The service contract to upgrade these machines is far beyond the available tech budget. So this particular library will be running off XP until the hardware dies and replacements can no longer be found; my guess would be another 10 years.

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