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Comment Re:"Global" temperature has not changed in 15 year (Score 2, Informative) 345

Ice levels at the north pole are shrinking, but Antarctic ice levels are setting new records highs. There has been zero net change globally.

Glaciologists appear to disagree:

Comment Re:Different thing (Score 1) 776

Humans contribute 2% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.*


This page does not address the relative amounts of natural and human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2% figure occurs in the pie diagram showing different types of greenhouse gases, all of them expelled into the atmosphere by human activities, of which the hydrofluorocarbons (HFC's) and related synthetic compounds make up 2%. The 2% figure is repeated below figure 4 for "human-made gases", but this appears to be a rather ill-chosen way of indicated that these compounds do not occur naturally at all, while the other greenhouse gases in the pie chart also have natural sources. But again, the entire page only talks about the composition of man-made greenhouse emissions, and does not make any claims how big these are compared to gases emitted by natural processes.

I have been looking for more information on the relative contributions of natural and artificial CO2 emissions. So far the most succinct description I found is this: "How do human CO2 emissions compare to natural CO2 emissions?".


Submission + - I Am Legend: Will Smith (

RalphLong writes: "This fresh look to a classic book that has been made into a movie is just that, our kids generation of computer generated graphics so all that is not real can be seen on the big screen. Will Smith does a stunning job of bringing his character to life on the big screen and gives us a desired hope for the last man of the human race. He does an outstanding job of holding the attention of the audience, in a single actor movie that we have not scene since Tom Hanks in Castaway."

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