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Comment Re:What's the scariest part of this? (Score 1) 799

So you are going to trigger a device that will reproduce the heat found inside the sun, and are worried about oil "catching fire"?

No, I'm not.

Secondly oil does not "explode", it burns.

Yeah, I know.

Hell if you're worried about "fire"...

No, I'm not.

You're using quotation marks around a lot of words that don't appear in my post. You're also attributing a lot of thoughts to me that I don't hold. I'll leave it to you to figure out whether those two facts are connected.

Comment What's the scariest part of this? (Score 5, Funny) 799

I'm trying to figure out which part of this story is the scariest.

... that someone has suggested setting off an underground nuke to close an oil well?

... finding out that the Soviets did this all the time?

... finding out that the USSR was so careless they had six "petrocalamities" worth trying this trick on?

... finding out that there's an actual word for an oil accident of this size?

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