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Anti-Speed Camera Activist Buys Police Department's Web Domain 680

Brian McCrary just bought a website to complain about a $90 speeding ticket he received from the Bluff City PD — the Bluff City Police Department site. The department let its domain expire and McCrary was quick to pick it up. From the article: "Brian McCrary found the perfect venue to gripe about a $90 speeding ticket when he went to the Bluff City Police Department's website, saw that its domain name was about to expire, and bought it right out from under the city's nose. Now that McCrary is the proud owner of the site,, the Gray, Tenn., computer network designer has been using it to post links about speed cameras — like the one on US Highway 11E that caught him — and how people don't like them."

Comment Re:I wouldn't call it a map really (Score 1) 90

Well scale, and resolution are completely different things.
I have no problem with the SCALE that IBM is using. I have a problem with the resolution, Personally I don't think it is legitimate to call a half mega-pixel "globe" of the earth a 3D map. with 1000km resolution there is no valuable 3D information in there. This is a picture of the earth in globe form. A really low RESOLUTION one. Calling it a map is a stretch. Calling it a 3D map is not legitimate as there is no usable 3D Information based solely on resolution.

Comment Re:How many ways are there to do simple things? (Score 1) 694

While what you say makes perfect sense, there is a problem with your argument. The question was "a way to print the numbers from 1 to 5."

The answer you gave, while showing no real grasp of the obvious concepts, IS a PERFECT solution to the problem. If you want a better answer you should have asked a better question.

Personally the cheat finder programs are absolutly absurd. First rarely (at least at Georgia Tech) are the 'results' of the cheat finder ever looked at by a person. But they don't account for LEARNING. About 45% of my freshman class taking intro to progamming got formally accused for cheating (I would bet close to 75% got flagged at one point). Including a few of my friends. Some of them did cheat, downright copied code. Some of them worked together to produce the code (for a HW assignment) then changed it up a bit and submitted. The thing was that ANY other non-CS class doing homework together would not even be questioned as cheating.

I didn't get accused of cheating, but got flagged and confronted about my 2 line solution to sorting a list. The thing was I used the example the prof. put up in class, allong with evenyone else at that class. But I had to prove that I was at class, and show my notes in front of a quasi-legit review board. There were ~80 people there for the EXACT same reason.

I also had two of my friends accused of cheating after discussing a MATHAMETICAL way of getting a faster prime number list. We all had done our programs and were shooting the shit about how we got our prime numbers. Mine was significantly faster than theirs, so they used my method to get primes. I changed mine a bit and sacrifced speed for the lower values, but got noticible improvments (because I had a side project I was starting) at much higher numbers. They both got charged because they both had 1 identical (but very odd and quirky) mathematical calculation in the middle of their completely different code. Add on to that the project was about concatenating lists, the math was just a method to get another value to concatenate.

I eneded up calculating the first 1,000,000 prime numbers (it may have been 100,000, or other very large number) then printed them to a doc file, then printed 128 sheets of 6pt font of the numbers. Then wallpapered the hall outside my dorm door.

Comment Re:Lightbulb? (Score 5, Insightful) 367

Well you don't have to be guilty. If there was a murder, and I did not commit it, I can refuse to answer questions that may incriminate myself. Like if I were to say I was in the same hotel in the next room that could be used against me in the court of law.

You should NEVER answer questions when being questioned. NO MATTER WHAT. Get a lawyer and have them speak for you. As they CAN NOT incriminate you.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 277

Well the USPS isn't really self sufficient. It is illegial to compete with them.

Because of this they can average the cost of mailing a letter to 0.42$. It is less expensive to mail that letter within say Atlanta, but much more expensive to mail it to Honolulu. Now the lack of competition comes into play so UPS, or FedEX can't start running a tiered cost letter operation because 80% (probably something +- 19%) of all letters could be delivered at lower cost, and drop the total mail the USPS handles. Thus raising the cost to send letters to Hawaii and Alaska.

Now making it illegial to compete with the USPS is probably zero cost, so you would be right Taxes don't get used. But they are not 'self-sufficient'. They require federal law preventing competition.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 277

We regret to inform you that we do not supply the following: *Road* *sewer* *water* *gas* *electricity* *telephone* *cable* *sidewalks* *police* *fire* *post* to your location. We have found that providing these services is not as of yet economically feasible. This may change in the future so please check later.

Point is without a government this would be case for LOTS of people.

And before you point out that some of those are private, all are required to supply people by various government arms (except Cable). And ALL of them use public right of way to provide services.

Comment Re:Yeah but (Score 1) 161

You would still have the problem of dictated focus. One big problem I have with '3D' movies is the fact that the foreground or background (or both) are out of focus. I tend to have my vision wander while watching movies and well trying to focus on something that appears closer to me that is out of focus is a fasttrack to a headache.

But this would actuall create a real 3D expierence, versus a sterio vision appearance of depth.

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