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Comment This happens to me all the time (Score 1) 388

I have the same format email address. My name is unusual enough that I think there are only about three other people giving out my address though. Mostly they are individuals and small businesses emailing me, and I've had good luck replying with the information that the person they are seeking isn't at my address.

My favorite, though, was this one particular guy who gave out my address dozens of times. I emailed his proper address, I replied to all his business emails.. he still kept doing it though. Then one day, he signed up for one of those identity theft protection services.. with my email. The temptation to royally screw with him was almost overwhelming, but I didn't. He eventually stopped sending me stuff, though.

Comment Re:Sounds kind of fun, actually. (Score 5, Insightful) 210

Yeah, if they are the types who actually enjoy their jobs and get along with their coworkers this could be a lot of fun. It might get old towards the end, but I personally wouldn't have a problem with it. If nothing else you'd be much closer as a group after something like that, plus I bet they'll all have fun stories to tell when it's over. Not to mention that if they have a decent employer who knows what they're asking for there'll probably be free food for that time.

The only point of friction might be optimal sleeping spots. No one wants to sleep in the hot aisle, and you'd probably need earplugs.

Comment I remember that episode.. (Score 5, Interesting) 547

It irritated me at the time.. they made the thing seem like a poorly-designed money sink that barely worked. It really makes me wonder, though, what would they get out of saying stuff like that if it weren't true? If Tesla has the records and they really did stage breakdowns and dead batteries, to what purpose? It's a show about ridiculously expensive cars that most of us ill never even see, much less drive. Tesla is definitely in that category, and considering the drooling they do over some pretty ridiculous (and ugly) cars.. why pick on them? They made plausible claims, mostly, but the one where they ran out of power after 55 miles I thought was weird. The others (overheating, brakes) could have happened, but there seemed to be a LOT of problems for what is basically a straight-from-the-factory Lotus with an electric drivetrain. (In the show they raced it against a Lotus, you can barely tell the cars apart without looking at the badges).

Anyway, just makes me wonder if they made it seem like crap (assuming Tesla is telling the truth) in order to appease the old-school dream car companies so they'd keep sending them toys to play with, or maybe Tesla was being a pain in the ass and they wanted to tweak them, or if they just thought it's be funnier.

Comment Re:Of course! (Score 1) 264

I sent this along to my fiancée who currently works with cuprates in an NMR setting. Her advisor, however, is a transport guy. Maybe they can do a better experiment at her lab (NHMFL) than this guy did in his (apparently) basement.

It's probably nothing. I'm not sure by looking at that data how bad it really is (I'm in astrophysics, a 20% measurement error is considered wonderful) but who knows? If it really is simple to grow this then maybe the crystal guys can slap one together and let a real experimentalist at it and we can see.


Submission + - SCO Delisted

Technician writes: I have been following the fall of SCO stock. When I checked their stock tonight I found the anouncement of the delisting instead of a chart. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=SCOX "SCOX has failed to meet NASDAQ Capital Market continued listing requirement(s)."

Submission + - JoVE: Biological Research Video Sharing Community

teflonscout writes: Wired is running a story about the Journal of Visualized Experiments. JoVE is a video sharing community that intends to make it easier for scientists to learn state of the art lab techniques and reproduce the complicated experiments perfromed by their colleagues around the world. Each video shows a researcher performing an experiment while narrating each step of the way. In one video, a Harvard Student demonstrates the Derivation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Murine Embryonic Stem Cells. Another video shows the Nuclear Transfer in Mouse Oocytes. Wired points out that the side could become a phenomenal educational tool and change the public perception of scientists for better or for worse. Just like MIT's Open Courseware gives anyone anywhere access to high quality educational materials, JoVE will give students the opportunity to see cutting edge experiments as if they were standing in a lab and looking over a scientist's shoulder.

Submission + - Wikipedia entry sparks war of words

coondoggie writes: "The City of Cornwall Ontario has come out swinging over postings in its Wikipedia entry saying a person or persons is out to make the city and its citizens look bad. The stink started last week when some one posted this: "Cornwall has not enjoyed a good environmental reputation due in large part to decades of heavily polluting industries. Although most of these industries have shut down or moved away, their legacy is a riverfront contaminated by mercury, soil contaminated by coal tar and byproducts, and most evidently, 'Big Ben'." Cornwall officials noticed that in the demographics section had this statement: "Many from the city's work force prefer to live in these communities over Cornwall; ironically including the mayor and a number of 'Team Cornwall' members (a group drawn from the business community, pledged to promote Cornwall)." http://www.networkworld.com/community3/?q=node/146 67"

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