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Submission + - Slate Mini-Biography of Aaron Swartz (

ElDuque writes: Slate's top story today is a long, heavily-researched article about the life of, and case against, Aaron Swartz. It covers the formative years of both Mr. Swartz and the free information / open knowledge movement he felt so strongly about.

Comment Re:Not NetBSD (Score 1) 492

I still don't think its accurate to say planes with age greater than 10 years undergo "many many many major overhauls, to include electronics"

United's 777's were mostly delivered between 1995-2000 and I bet the only major electronics upgrades were to the passenger entertainment systems.

Comment OK With Me (Score 1, Funny) 173

That's the point, isn't it? Hopefully citizens in those countries will wish that they weren't embargoed and put pressure on their government to change.

I understand that not everyplace has a representative democracy with regular, free elections like the US, but except for the worst dictatorships that rule by force, the government must remain popular with the people!


Submission + - Why does air pressure fluctuate in airplanes?

TimFreeman writes: "Commercial airlines have machinery for controlling the pressure in the air cabin. I assume this machinery can give them any pressure they want, so they could have the pressure in the plane change smoothly from the ground-level air pressure at the takeoff point to the ground-level air pressure at the destination. Instead, the pressure goes down when they take off and back up when they land. When I flew with blocked eustacian tubes four days ago, it hurt like hell, every takeoff and landing, and my right ear still hasn't healed.

Why do they permit the pressure fluctuation?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Seagate CEO: We Are Good for Porn

VE3OGG writes: "Seagate CEO Bill Watkins recently made a comment that he may be regretting for a while when he said what is probably one of the most candid statements ever, from any one, to a Fortune magazine interviewer: "Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap — and watch porn." It was like a thousand PR people all cried out at once and then were suddenly silence."

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