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Submission + - Radio Free Albemuth Movie Hits Kickstarter

Eirenarch writes: The independent film Radio Free Albemuth based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a theatrical release. Frankly speaking the campaign is not doing very well and it seems like geek websites have not been paying attention. Did Slashdot readers know about the movie and the campaign?

Oh and the perks on this are great. For $50 you get the DVD signed by the director.

Submission + - Microsoft's Anders Hejlsberg Announces TypeScript ( 1

Eirenarch writes: "Microsoft's language architect Anders Hejlsberg just announced TypeScript — a superset of JavaScript that can compile to pure JavaScript. TypeScript adds optional typing much like Google's Dart but does not have its own standard library and does not add any external code to the generated JavaScript. Most new features are in line with future proposals for ECMAScript. Yes, it is open source.

You can also try the interactive playground —"


Submission + - Xamarin: "Android Ported to C#" (

Eirenarch writes: "Xamarin has just announced that they got the Java part of Android ported to C# via machine translation. The resulting OS called XobotOS is available on Github. They claim some serious performance gains over Dalvik. For them this is an experiment that they are not planning to focus on but they will be using some of the technologies in Mono for Android."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Happy Birthday, StarCraft (

Eirenarch writes: "According to the Wikipedia article StarCraft turns 10 today. Probably the most popular RTS ever and surely the one with the greatest number of professional gamers. 10 years later it still attracts NEW fans and has the rang of almost national sport in Korea. It is still a major discipline in the World Cyber Games and many other tournaments."

Submission + - Trent Reznor speaks in protection of OiNK (

Eirenarch writes: Probably you will be interested in this statement from Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor about torrents and why he does not like iTunes -> He says he steals music and he would gladly pay for a service like the recently closed OiNK.

Submission + - How to automate PPPoE configuration

Eirenarch writes: "Recently I was asked how one can automate the configuration of PPPoE connection on Windows. I have seen some ISPs provide software to setup the PPPoE for their customers but I could not find anything on the topic. Help me please. It is not really important for me but it undermines my belief that you can find any (technical) information via Google."

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