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PC Games (Games)

'Weekly Episodes' Coming To Star Trek Online 62

As Star Trek Online ramps up for its Season 2 patch, the game's executive producer, Daniel Stahl, spoke in an interview about an interesting new feature: weekly episodes. Quoting: "The team has wanted to capture the spirit of the TV shows by having something new to look forward to each week. We all remember when the various series were in full swing and there was the anticipation of tuning in every week to see what happened next. It wasn't always a continuing story, but it was always Star Trek in some way or another, and over time you became familiar with the characters and plots that developed. We are curious to see if this can be replicated through the game. Every week we plan to have something new for players to do. Sometimes it could be getting an assignment to resolve a trade dispute between two races. Other weeks it could be making First Contact with a new alien race. Other weeks you might find yourself deep in trouble and have to find a solution to your predicament."

Comment Re:It's going to cost a *LOT* more then you calcul (Score 1) 274

A better way of estimating is looking at people who did similar projects, and see what costs they had. Expect to be in the upper range if you're a first-timer.
(an interesting phenomenon from psychology: when you ask people to estimate the time/money they need, you get a vastly different answer than when you ask how much time/money other people in similar situations need)

Comment Re:Know the right people (Score 1) 274

He could make it earth-sheltered, if the structure will hold. That would put the insulation on the outside, and make sure the neighbours don't complain about 'eye-sores'. Of course, you'd replace the visual appearance completely, and I don't know if he was specifically going for the train-carriage look, but that would be one solution I'd be researching.

Comment Re:Every input is bad... (Score 1) 288

I work in a photo-shop, and most photo-kiosk machines don't work like that. They're simply windows-boxes with software running *on top* of it. So if windows auto-runs it, you're already too late depending on the exploit used. Of course, they could be linux-boxen, but the chain I work at really can't afford to train the minimum-wage personel how to use linux properly, as they have trouble enough using windows. Also, we use various software (one to run the passportphoto-camera for example) and some of those programs are available only on windows. We do have AV however after earlier viruses really messed up productivity, but we can't afford to have internet at every store as margins in photography have become really slim since the introduction of digital photography.

Comment Re:Charging 2.99 (Score 1) 181

Well the example the GP mentioned, the Pirates of the Amazon Firefox plugin, is a great example of an unkillable idea. The creators only made it as a sort of prank and university-project and in fact only told a number of their friends about it when they launched it, so when Amazon 'asked' them to take it down after 2 days of internetfrenzy, they did. But google for 'pirates of the amazon', and you can still find a download link under the second hit.

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