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Comment Re:What about the other way around? (Score 1) 332

As I said above I am almost 50 and I have five kids. Three bonus kids and two biokids. One is a in college for game design, one in high school and studying to be an archeologist, three in middle school and one is going to be a marine biologist, one wants to be a large animal vet and the other is in a STEM magnet school. We sit around the table and do our homework together. Is that enough? Still don't need marijuana. Never have and never used any other illicit drugs either. I don't use alcohol. So many people are just looking for an excuse.

Comment Re:What about the other way around? (Score 1) 332

Why could being smart all the time be bad? Well, what they don't tell you is that it never stops. Even if you want it to. As you age those discovery rushes get.. Tiring. Exhausting. Irritating. I suspect that the neural pathways easily get exhausted and depleted of those cannabanoid related chemicals. I can tell you that a bit of pot really does alleviate a whole lot of mental exhaustion.

Really. My mind is constantly on the move and learning, but I certainly don't find the simple fact of it exhausting. I also don't need drugs to give me a break.

Comment Re:peaceful protesters? (Score 2) 584

This is an interesting point. Why didn't the OWS people try to provide sanitation? Except that they did. Bette Midler even offered to pay for them, but the city of New York refused to issue a permit. The refusal to issue a permit stopped OWS from providing sanitation and de facto created the problem. Then they turned around and made sure the media knew that OWS was causing unsanitary conditions. The city of New York in cooperation with the media presented a situation which they could use to discredit the organization.

The OWS movement had medical tents and cooking tents set up. The city of New York confiscated their generators and created yet another incident to use as media fodder in their battles to discredit OWS.

There were also verified incidents of OWS members approaching NYPD officers to ask for help in dealing with disruptive people. The NYPD officers refused to help and helped create a situation where criminal activity was left completely to the OWS people in direct violation of their promise to serve the needs of public safety. They were also caught sending homeless people released from jail to the OWS protests to cause further problems.

Comment Re:Hillbilly regions and their conspiracy theories (Score 1) 223

The Prime Directive is a form of moral cowardice based on moral relativity. It is the one thing from Star Trek which just makes no sense. The idea that you should let a civilization die just because you are afraid of the possible contamination. Having people go in to perform Polio vaccinations isn't going to eradicate their culture. It is actually a means of protecting their culture from massive suffering and possible death. Living according to moral relativism fails when actually applied. There are some activities which are just wrong and letting people hide behind 'culture' is foolish.

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