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Comment Re:As long as we call them what they are (Score 1) 127

Why the hate? Are you afraid that somebody would *gasp* think of them as real literature?

Yes, of course the 'Graphic Novels' are comics too, but all comics aren't graphic novels. A comic collecting newspaper strips from say, Calvin and Hobbes, is hardly a graphic novel. On the other hand comics such as Watchmen, Sandman or many others are clearly full independent 'long and complex narratives', 'graphic novels' if you like. Or do you feel the same way with the term 'Novel', when they could just as well be called books?

The Paper Cartoon comment is borderline insulting. It's almost as suggesting we drop the word 'Novel' and start using 'Crime fiction' for all books...

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 731

Well according to the article there's no DRM involved so I assuming you can still play the game.

So, you get the game but you can not play the game unless you connect to Steam with the same account as you got the game with. Still no playing without Steam, no lending the game. If it looks like DRM, smells like DRM and quacks like DRM it probably is DRM, even if the salesman calls it CEG.

Comment Re:Sometimes we forget. (Score 1) 453

So, let me get this straight. You are comparing the work for a full reinstall with all the bells and whistles with full data recovery to a cost of a new computer without reinstalling the previously installed software and user data? Just the OS installing should take less than an hour, and if any tech tries to charge $500 for 1 hours work, I would just laugh them out.

I do interpret this post as either an attempt at being funny, or just being a troll, but seems it's being taken seriously, hence the 'serious' answer.

The Courts

Judge Rules Fox Has Copyright Claim To Watchmen 262

fermion writes "According to the NYT, a judge has decided that Fox owns the copyright to Watchmen, not Warner. Is this an example of copyright law becoming so complex that companies can abuse the court system to prevent competition, or just extreme incompetence by Warner? In the current business environment, either explanation is believable. Yet it is unbelievable that seasoned producers would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create a movie that they can't even release. It seems the judge didn't want to bring this to a jury, and maybe daring Warner to appeal, or Fox to settle." The article says that Fox acquired movie rights to the Watchmen story in the late 1980s, but budget disputes and personnel changes have muddied the waters; Wikipedia has a bit more on the "development hell" which has plagued the film project.

Last Major Supplier Calls It Quits For VHS 308

thefickler writes "The last major supplier of VHS videotapes is ditching the format in favor of DVD, effectively killing the format for good. This uncharitable commentator has this to say: 'Will VHS be missed? Not ... with videos being brittle, clunky, and rather user-unfriendly. But they ushered in a new era that was important to get to where we are today. And for that reason, the death of VHS is rather sad. Almost as sad as the people still using it.'" At least my dad's got the blank-tape market cornered.

Comment Re:Missing their market (Score 1) 172

Snippet from blog about this (

Are new books going to be showing up as they're published?

John Dokes: Not as they're published. There's probably going to be about a six-month lag between the time a book appears in print and the time it appears in this service. In some cases, we will have books that are more recent than that, but that will be specifically promoting what's happening in the print books.

So, digital media will be there 6 months after the comics, with current release schedules that's around the time the trade paperbacks are already out. Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick to torrents for new releases and albums for the good ones.

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