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Comment Re:Strongly Disagree (Score 1) 250

So, because most teachers don't have a degree in the subject they are teaching (do you have statistics on that highly precise number?), you think a parent, who most likely hasn't seen a classroom in the last 10 years (at the very least) and hasn't read anything on the subject taught in 20 could do better?

I have had my share of bad teachers, but there were definitely a lot more good teachers than bad ones, and pretty much none that simply "read the textbooks" to me...

I was pretty good in school, I have a history of very grades all through my education, most people would tell you I would make a very good teacher, but there's no way I could possibly teach all the subject in a child's program.

How many homeschooled kids have actually become scientists, in the last 20 years, for instance?

Comment Re:Double dipping (Score 1) 129

True, but I paid for the song, then I paid for the 3 or 4 storage medium that I use to store that file I already paid for.
Once again, as with DRM or unskippable ads, only the people who actually respect the law get the bad treatment. The rest of us buy our media in the countries where such a tax doesn't exist (Luxemburg, Andorra...)

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