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Comment Re:Class action lawsuits are rarely good. (Score 1) 336

That is just dumb. I'm actually a member of this class. I replaced my computer a couple of years ago because it died out of warranty. I never expected to get anything for it and only kept the thing in case I needed parts off of it. So, for very little effort on my part. I get a computer that, although not as good as the one I had, actually works. I don't have the funds to litigate against NVIDIA. If the computer plays movies or will surf the web, then it is already 100% better than the brick that was sitting under my bed. I'll just put Linux on it, lock it down, and send it to my mom for her email and web surfing.

Comment Re:Developers (Score 1) 206

Evidently, their job is to make the site so unusable as to give the upper management the reasons they need to fire 500 employees. Seriously, does any one really use Myspace anymore? The only time I go over there is to play Mobsters. I've even de-friended everyone except the four people, two of which I can't get on Facebook.

Comment Next thing ya know... (Score 1) 228

Microsoft will be suing Google because Android needs a GMail account to utilize some of its features. God, I can't imagine using Hotmail again. BTW, I'm not so sure about Google's location service. Either I've secretly discovered warp drive or something is screwy. On many occasions, my location randomly bounces from the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Comment Speeding Fee (Score 1) 825

I already do this for free. For years, I've looked at speeding "fines" as speeding "fees". So, I speed all I want. Every once in a while (has been many years now) one of the fee collectors will stop me and tell me it is time to pay my fee again. I'm not really sure how they determine that it's time again. There doesn't seem to be any logical pattern to the fee schedule.

Comment Re:GPL Violation? (Score 2, Interesting) 504

If my understanding is correct (not guaranteed by any means), they would only be in violation if they released the binaries. Any work done before he worked for them is his copyright and he could release that but any work done after his hire is theirs and as long as they keep it in house, there is no violation.

Comment Re:Time (Score 0, Flamebait) 578

It seemed like the LOL in front of the comment was self evident to me. I guess I just assume other people get the joke. But, if you feel the need to think that I'm one of those "flat worlder's" who doesn't understand the concept of a round earth that rotates, then feel free. I certainly have better things to do that to explain it any further.

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