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Comment Story and headline are a lie (Score 1) 1017

Hillary's email server isn't online, any more. Trump's assumption is that her server likely had been compromised (as the FBI director allowed was very possible), and that someone's got the emails. His comment was nothing more than a taunt, which reflects a running joke that had been common among conservatives for the past year or so, all during the hearings and investigations.

Comment 2 bad choices; Trump may excel (Score 2) 993

Trump... appears to have no moral principles. The only thing Trump believes in, is Trump. That might work out for us. His internal motivation will be to excel as president, so that the whole country (or, at least half of it) will validate his greatness.

It's a gamble.

Hillary will be bad.
Trump might be bad (or, good).

Comment Couple of problems (Score 1) 678

First, the kid should not have seen the guy's concealed weapon... because: concealed.

Second, responsible handgun carriers typically carry them in a holster, to eliminate the possibility of lint getting into the barrel(s) (and to cover the trigger, though this design already has that covered)... and to keep them pretty. Even pocket guns get pocket holsters.

Third, I'm pretty sure this design will not be legal in some states. It puts me in mind of some laws that prevent guns that are disguised by their holsters.

Comment I'm loving Android Studio (Score 1) 115

I'm working on my first Android app right now, using Andoid Studio. I'm thrilled, as I could NOT get a stable Eclipse environment working for Android on my Windows box, even though I had successfully done Blackberry programming with Eclipse.

AS beta 0.8.14 has been rock solid. I'm a bit paranoid to upgrade in the middle of a project, and will stick to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy.

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