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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - iPod Video Headphone Sockets - Defective By Design

iPod Hack writes: "I own a 5th Generation iPod and I'm getting real good at opening it up, in fact it's been opened so many times that it needs a spot of glue on the corners to stop the back falling off. The problem is the headphone socket, my iPod is not mistreated yet I have gone through three of them, each time I find that the headphone socket fails and one channel of audio fades into static. I'm somewhat reluctant to order a fourth socket so I decided to create an alternative solution.

The headphone socket assembly contains a single IC and a handful of other components. If someone can supply me with the schematic for this assembly or give me some clue about its function then I can reverse engineer it. I'm thinking that the IC is either the headphone power amplifier or a switch to select between video and audio. As an alternative, the pinout for the 13-pin connector that connects the main board to the hold switch & headphone socket would help. Email any technical details to ipodhack2007@gmail.com

I believe that the 5th Generation iPod headphone socket is defective by design. With enough information I can create a design for an alternative assembly which will do the same job but with more reliable components. This design will use components from a single source (probably Mouser) and I will make the schematic for this assembly along with the Gerber files and PCB layout available under a GPL license. Can you help?

A Frustrated iPod Owner"

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