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Comment Re:You don't understand what CS is (Score 1, Insightful) 364

This is a silly response and demonstrates a limited understanding of the scope of your discipline and where it fits into the continuum of education. Sure, these topics are not appropriate for a college level CS course, but that doesn't mean they aren't related to computer science. To give a concrete example, consider the something as simple as basic mathematics. If OP had shown up asking for "a good mathematics curriculum covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division" would you have responded saying that's not "mathematics" because those topics aren't covered in college level math courses? There's no hard and fast rule that says CS topics start at college... it's all part of the the continuum of education.

Comment Re:The school owns it. (Score 1) 931

I said nothing about your notes... and neither did you, until just now.

A teacher can no more copyright her notes, than...

(emphasis is mine)

But yes, I wouldn't allow her to destroy my notes either. Doesn't change the fact that her notes are her notes, her writings are her writings, and her books are her books... and she may do with them as she pleases. I think you'd also be very surprise to see how little tax-payer money actually ends up in the form of professor salaries, so be careful throwing around terms like paycheck. You may not like what you discover.

Comment Re:Notes? (Score 2, Insightful) 931

That there is, in fact, a time and a place for scorched earth politics? Certainly what I would have thought if I had just been bruitally run out of my own city by Napoleon.

I never said otherwise, just that instances are far and few between, and even less so between a student and school administration.

Comment Re:Notes? (Score 2, Insightful) 931

My comment was not directed at the act of scanning or retyping. From the parent:

If a teacher tried that shit with me I'd spend the time to type the notes (redacting anything that might refelect my style) and ensure they spread widely. I would instantly lie when asked for the notes, either that I didn't have them or that they were mixed with unrelated info.

The distribution and the lying is what makes this a bad act and is what turns sympathetic victims into petulant students. Why give up your best asset -- innocence -- with such a childish strategy? Is the point to win, or is the point to cause damage... because I for one prefer winning, and that means adopting strategies that work, even if there are more vindictive ones available.

Comment Re:The school owns it. (Score 1) 931

Can you cite a law that makes that so? You'll find the U.S. government prohibition in Title 17, Section 105, and an explenation of that clause in the accompanying House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Report.

As the significant other of an academic at a state university, I would be awfully surprised if you could. I think what you might be able to say is that as employees of state governments the copyrights on those works belong to the state governments in question... and thus it is up to the state governments whether or not the works fall into the public domain, are assigned to the original author, or whatever.

The standard pratice at the University of Washington -- where I attended and wrote software as an employee -- and at the University of California: Santa Cruz -- where my partner works -- is that the original author holds the copyright and neither the State nor the University has any say in what happens to those works.

I don't disagree with the sentiments that the work should "belong to the people", but I am saying that, in practice and in law, it's just not the case today.

Comment Re:The school owns it. (Score 2, Informative) 931

Typo on the apostrophe... shouldn't be there at all.

To answer your question, CUNY is a part of the New York State government... though it appears there is some funky overlay with the City of New York. But, then again, NYC is also a part of the New York State government, so I imagine that all works out in the wash. Never forget that in the United States all local political units (county, city, water board, school board, etc) are considered to be sub-divisions of the state government.

As for West Point, I'm going to hide behind Wikipedia and say that West Point is not a University or a College, but is, in fact, a Service Academy :) But yes, West Point is an organ of the federal government and thus the creative works of its employees would not be eligible for copyright.

Comment Re:Notes? (Score 4, Insightful) 931

This is exactly the sort of response that make things worse. I'm all for *sticking* it to the teacher, but there are better ways that won't expose you to unnecessary accusations of being a bad actor.

Every school has an ombudsman whose purpose is to negotiate conflicts between students and the administration / faculty. They are usually very pro-student. I have zero doubt this issue would be resolved in favor of the students, but you have to approach it diplomatically... scorched earth policies make as much sense here as they do in international relations.

Comment Re:The school owns it. (Score 1) 931

There are no universities or colleges that are part of the United State's Government. All public schools are State schools. The provision in the U.S. copyright law that prevents the United States Government from obtaining a copyright -- thus putting the work into the public domain -- does not apply to state governments. Professors absolutely have a copyright on their class slides and books they write.


Submission + - Wiimote controlled SCM

An anonymous reader writes: So far we have seen PC games controlled by the "wiimote" (the wii remote), the wiimote emulating a PC mouse, playing drums and a huge amount of totally useless stuff.

But, what I've found today really goes further. Who would ever use a wiimote in his daily job?

Well, it seems these folks think someone is going to ever use a wii remote to control their "cool" (in their words, I would say pointless) version tree.

Here is the full story

Submission + - Subversion is pointles - Linus said (

An anonymous reader writes: A few weeks ago Linus Torvalds gave a speech at Google, talking about Source Code Management and GIT. Despite of the big number of Subversion developers hired by G$ (some of them were even present at the speech) Linus made really strong assertion: "Subversion has been the most pointless project ever started". But Linus folk didn't stop there he continued with really "nice" sentences like:

- "Subversion used to say CVS done right: with that slogan there is nowhere you can go. There is no way to do cvs right"

- "If you like using cvs, you should be in some kind of mental institution or somewhere else"

- "Get rid of perforce, it is sad, but it is so, so true"

He just talked wonders about his great version control system (GIT), which he said he "wrote in a couple of weeks". Well, I believe it is true: we wrote it in two weeks, and it only took two years to make it usable for the rest of the world... But it seems Linus was all about strong opinions that day: "not everybody can write something right the first time, just me".

Well, if you want to watch Linus being more rude than ever, find the whole story here

The Internet

Submission + - .XXX domain name plan revived

Wim van Neuken writes: " at=TECHNOLOGY&fn=/2007/01/06/556539.html&cvqh=itn_ redlight

After rejecting an earlier proposal to create the XXX tld for pornographic sites, it appears ICANN has now relented and is laying out a plan to create the tld. However, it looks like the policing will be stepped up as part of the revived plan."

Submission + - How To Use NTFS Drives/Partitions On Ubuntu Edgy

hausmasta writes: "Normally Linux systems can only read from Windows NTFS partitions, but not write to them which can be very annoying if you have to work with Linux and Windows systems. This is where ntfs-3g comes into play. ntfs-3g is an open source, freely available NTFS driver for Linux with read and write support. This tutorial shows how to install and use ntfs-3g on a Ubuntu Edgy Eft desktop to read from and write to Windows NTFS drives and partitions. It covers the usage of internal NTFS partitions (e.g. in a dual-boot environment) and of external USB NTFS drives. s_3g"

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