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Comment Re:Finally a flat playing ground (Score 1) 293

Bull. Flat out bull.

People don't pick Amazon or Overstock to save on sales tax... they do it because the prices are cheaper.

Not always true. Stores like Fry's match online prices. People pick Amazon because it's more convenient, there's a wider choice of products, or because they don't (didn't) have to pay sales tax.

You picked out cables as an example. Best Buy is notorious for selling absurdly overpriced "premium" cables with gold-plated connectors or some other stupid gimmick that only idiots would spend money on. But if you pick identical products, there's not that much of a price difference.

Comment Mostly an old concept (Score 1) 114

Sounds similar to those projects like Al Sutton's AndAppStore (now merged with soc.io), which have been around for almost as long as Android.

The only difference I see is the approval process, which will make it harder for Koush to explain that he wasn't aware of the nature of an app once a C&D flies in. And given that apps are typically banned because they infringe copyrights or other monetary interests of big corporations, I'd say that C&Ds are inevitable.

Comment Re:Unclear? (Score 1) 162

"Has created" != "has been published on the store". Particularly because the most newsworthy part of the article is that it took longer than normal to get the app approved, so a search in the apps won't tell you whether or not Google has *created* an iPad-specific version that is currently going through the approval process.

Comment Re:I remember that episode.. (Score 1) 547

It really makes me wonder, though, what would they get out of saying stuff like that if it weren't true?

Have you ever watched Yahtzee's video game reviews? He's mostly focusing on bad things (and greatly exaggerates them). People love a good trashing! He even mentioned in one of his reviews that he got angry mails when he was too nice on a game. It's good entertainment, and that's what Top Gear focuses on.

Comment Re:Stupidity (Score 1) 309

Binary search would be fine, except that "The server will email the administrator a PDF copy of the document in question if a user attempts to do so". It might look a tad bit suspicious if the user keeps trying to make copies of the same document with different parts blacked out.

Comment Re:The whole premise is wrong (Score 1) 104

Well, that's the whole point of this competition - find out what each user believes to be "GOOD", which is highly subjective. People who enjoy, say, Epic Movie, White Chicks, and hate movies like Insomnia are likely to dislike Memento as well.

There is no objective "good" or "bad" for a movie - you can average the ratings given by all users, but according to IMDb, Insomnia (US version) has 7.2, and Die Hard 4 has 7.6 - which one would you prefer? (To me, Insomnia is clearly the "better" movie, but my opinion is different from that of other people... which is why the idea is to find people who have the same taste as I do and see what they consider "good").

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score 1) 135

Like I said, you're not doing it right. My app has 15 activities and one service that runs at boot-time as well as on demand.

Parcelable is rarely necessary to transfer data within an app. In fact, it'd be a performance hog to do that.

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