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Comment Re:Takes time (Score 1) 345

Shanen, You are an idiot at best and at worst a troll. You make illogical assumptions about a subject that you obviously have very little knowledge of. You couldn't argue your way out of a wet paper bag. I could care less about how many books you have read. You won't gain real knowledge about the worl by reading Biggles and Enid Blyton. There are many people reading this knowing full well what an ass you are, and your reply to me is simple idiocy and the rantings of someone that would rather throw mud at people, than actually trying to learn something. You are quite clueless about what we [baiters] do, and the interactions we have with scammers, hosting services and law enforcement, and on occasion some real victims. You have not even bothered to respond to the points raised in my last post. This is a good indication that you are nothing more than an intellectual retard trying to fit in with a bunch of intellegent people. Plonker! I'm done with talking to you, troll.

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