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Comment Re:Consumer debt. (Score 1, Insightful) 352

The above post was modded down, but I think it makes a valid point. Consumer Debt, creates an artificial "abundance" which plays into a common weakness of human beings. "If I have excess let me use it" We all know that we are in debt, but because the repayment of debt is not immediate, extra funds are used to buy luxury items instead of being used to pay down debt faster. The guy below said it much better.

I was talking with a bunch of folks recently, and I pointed out that consumer debt is relatively new. Sure there were layaway plans and credit with an individual store - your tab, but this huge industry that throws money out left and right to basically make us slaves.

I think many of our societies problems can go back to consumer debt: these invasions of privacy, college costs going through the roof, this treadmill of consumerism: cars, electronics, luxury goods.

All in all, things were a bit better when credit wasn't so easily available.

Before Henry Ford started financing his cars, folks had to have the cash; which made cars a luxury item. And most people had to take public transportation - which was viable because few people had cars. And of course, we wouldn't need all this oil if we didn't have so many cars.

When you sit down and think about it, consumer credit has really distorted our economy. We all have lost the need and desire to save.

Comment Re:Fear leads to Hate, Hate leads to Measles (Score -1) 668

Perhaps they should stop killing people?

I enjoy telling the pharmacist that it's okay, I already have autism.


It concerns me that there's a growing distrust of medicine. Every day it seems there are more and more people who insist, "Doctors don't know anything." It's a very disturbing phenomenon that's getting people killed.

The medical community needs to start doing something about this.

Comment I guess this is what Obama meant (Score -1) 536

He said the interconnected nature [of the Internet and other computer networks] makes it very difficult to regulate and secure. "Most of the progress they can point to is in the government sector," whereas the majority of the critical infrastructure seen as vulnerable is in private hands.

This is great now they have control over the "majority of the critical infrastructure". I was getting worried they didn't have enough control, I mean I don't want planes dropping out of the sky or anything, so this is good for everyone!

Comment Re:The problem with using extremophiles as models (Score 1, Interesting) 91

The whole idea of cross contamination across the universe is what makes sense to me. Life in one of the "habitable" planets seeds life in another less "habitable" planet. As that newly arrived "life" thrives, it creates a hospitable environment for other types of organisms which might be arriving on some of the 100 tons of comet debris that enter into the planets atmosphere and/or evolving locally. Effectively the planet changes from a desolate wasteland into a place that can sustain life. Basically the life is what creates the hospitable planet, not the other way around. There was a program on a few days ago about this same idea a few days ago.

Comment Super Cooled Water (Score -1) 91

This discovery follows closely, in terms of the implications for life on other planets, with the work of Dino Leporini at the University of Pisa & the Indian Institute of Science. They have observed two new phases of liquid water which form at extremely low temperatures.

In high-density liquid (HDL) water, the molecules are close together and break some hydrogen bonds. That sounds like the conditions of meteorites. Extreme low temps, H20 under high pressure similar to the experiment of Mr. Leporini and you have a pretty good way of transporting life across space.

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