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Comment Any good shows with lots of episodes (Score 1) 139

I chose Internet but I often find myself watching old BBC shows I never saw before or knew about but never watch such as QI, 8 Out of 10 Cats, or ones I really like such as The IT Crowd (normally I watch a TV show or movie and never watch it again).

  Anything that is a bit old and there are lots of it so I can go through it one by one.

  Next on the list is Star Trek: DS9 I'm a big Trek fan but I never really got into DS9 but I think I will go through each episode from the start, now it's like a wrapped present.

Comment There are different kinds of nuclear reactor (Score 1) 229

I'm not an expert on reactors but I don't this attitude of there being a 'nuclear plant' as if there were only one type there are different types and even the growing popularity of liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs).

  Canada, where I live, has plants using natural uranium in vessels that are not pressurized and they work fine without all the drama.

  Japan can do as it pleases of course I understand why but everyone else is freaking out over misinformation.

Comment Re:Intl. Distribution (Score 1) 407

It's not a tax it's a levy, all the money goes to the artists (yeah right) not the government of Canada.

  I don't get why music and movie companies most from the USA get to dictate Canadian law for the benefit of those foreign corporations, there are a lot of other companies in the world other than those types.

  How about the record companies wake up and realize it's not 1990 and things change, roll with the times, a CD with one "good" (autotuner'ed to death) song isn't worth the plastic it's on. They should set up an entirely new method of distribution, even something other than iTunes (I don't use) or whatever else is out there.

  This sucks more because as I hinted most music sucks these days or it's because I'm now 41 or both but I'm not paying $10/moth so Justin Bieber can get a new haircut.

Comment long-lasting effects of a bad teacher (Score 1) 1322

In high school (mid 1980's) I had a Grade 10 Math teacher who sat at the back of the class and played 60's music on a tape deck.

  His teaching involved telling us to do the work on certain pages, as we tried to concentrate while listening to 20 year old music we all hated. Of course being teenagers none of us asked questions or didn't really think to ask and as a result not one person in the class had a final mark above 40%, we all failed - the entire class.

  So for the next two years I was behind one year in Math, all my other classes were fine, and for some reason I was put in a Grade 10 home-room even though I only had one subject that wasn't in my grade level. This also was the situation when I was in Grade 12, stuck in a Grade 11 home-room while my friends were one grade up, all because of one damn subject I failed.

  The part that hurt me the most but I didn't know about until years later was all the Grade 12 students went to the local University to as part of an orientation field trip, they were showed how to fill out applications, given information about and how to apply for bursaries etc.

  I finished Math thanks to a very good Math teacher who "picked volunteers" (we didn't get the joke at the time) four at once to go up front and complete Math problems he wrote on the blackboard. I had two classes with him, Grade 11 and Grade 12 Math, when finished my marks were in the high 80's to low 90's for Grade 11 and 12, coming from a mark of less than 40% I'd say he was the best teacher in existence. He even held classes after school and during the Summer. Earl Foster you're the best!

  btw I went to University briefly many years later and by then I felt very out of place. Maybe someday I'll go back.

Comment Monitor set-up and fvwm (Score 1) 739

I remember being freaked out during the install because I had to know the Horizontal and Vertical refresh rates of my monitor and the warning said if I didn't enter them right my monitor may be damaged.

  The other was the desktop, if you moved your mouse to the right it would scroll over, a virtual desktop I guess it was called, it was fvwm.

  I think it was Redhat v1.0, I had Redhat a Cheapbytes CD but I'm not sure if that was my first distribution, it was hard to download any big files because of dial-up a smokin' 3 Kbps on a good day.

Comment Power over Ethernet, cables can fail (Score 1) 524

At work I have had cables go bad but all the bad ones had Power Over Ethernet (PoE) not just a regular everyday set-up. There is no movement to the cable it's locked away and there isn't any vibration to move it, the cables just sit without any movement.

  I didn't tear the cable apart to see what failed and it was the cable not the connector jacks, I thought the power may have increased the rate of corrosion on the pins but they were OK.

  It is DC too so it's not like AC where 60Hz may vibrate the cable wire and possibly cause failure, DC voltage would be steady but I'm not 100% sure how the power and the data work together on a PoE cable.

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