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Comment Re:No such thing as 'autism' (Score 1) 139

Wow, you sir or madam are a piece of work. Your entire stance is based on prejudicial opinion and a book from 1967. Your concept of the terms "fact" and "truth" is intriguing and your use of a character attack right after mentioning logical fallacies is brilliantly timed; assuming you are trolling.

At least you have the temerity to post as anonymous. It helps clarify how much we should care about your opinion, while illustrating just how serious you are about a subject you have no idea about. I thought the vaccine blaming crowd was bad...

Comment Re:The questions developers ask (Score 5, Informative) 249

Games that benefit from modding off the top of my head:

The Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3...
Elder Scrolls Series
Halflife series
Portal 2 (added a mod tool to stir new sales about a month ago)
Civilization series
Torchlight series
World of Warcraft (heck, almost all MMO's for that matter)

Comment Re:Death rattle (Score 2) 671

It's clear that Microsoft is terrified of Apple and feels the need to do "something, anything" to be seen as innovative. Of course, being innovative is not easy, and in my opinion MS lost their ability to innovate quite a while back. Metro is new, so MS is grabbing on to it like a shipwreck survivor grabs onto anything that floats. Of course, "new" is not necessarily "good," and in this case I think the jury is definitely out on whether Metro is good. All in all, this feels like a death rattle to me.

I don't think it's an Apple thing so much as an indicator of the current popular notion that desktops are becoming obsolete. Even if it's accurate in the long term, it's a notion that's far too early at this point. By the time desktops become replaced, a new version of Windows'll be out. Win8' s going to be a tepid seller on desktops and probably do well on mobile devices, though not spectacular since the tech isn't really vetted yet.

Comment Re:90s (Score 1) 122

VR goggles have been promised to be the future of computers since the 90s. Since before the internet was a household term, even. And yet time and time again they fail to work. The reason is that our technology just isn't as sophisticated as our eyes. We have hundred megapixel vision, realtime depth perception, motion sensing, and they scan at around 200 frames per second. The amount of information our visual cortex processes and compresses for other parts of our brain make most supercomputers look stupid by comparison.

It took millions of years to develop Human Eyeball v1.0. It's pretty arrogant to assume we'll just write a business proposal and KAZAM! (-_-) But hey, keep trying guys. In another 50 years or so, they might have evolved to the point where people don't get headaches using them.

We can say the same thing for wireless communicators and look where that's gotten us...

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