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Comment Haha, Have you ever used lotus notes? (Score 2, Interesting) 171

My company is an IBM partner, and for political reasons we try to use lotus notes, or like we call it lotus jokes. The thing is the most un-user friendly piece of software I have ever used. Email addresses are stored like directory structures that make no sense. The calendar does not integrate with other meeting requests I get. The list goes on and on. Could be just how my company implemented it but man it sucks to use. Its not even close to google apps like gmail. or outlook and exchange, feels about 10 years behind its competitors.

Comment Dating adds more complexity (Score 2, Interesting) 1137

Try dating a girl and telling her you don't have a car to come pick her up with and see how far you get. Not far. I live in downtown Denver Colorado, and don't really need my car for my day to day living, I can walk and take the light rail pretty much every where I want to go, except to pick up a cute girl who lives in suburbia.

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