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Comment Re:Do they need to compete with Nintendo?? (Score 1) 55

New handheld every 6 months? There are just DS, DS Lite and DSi. Meanwhile, this is the fourth PSP, the three last ones all being released roughly a year apart. Not to mention AFAIK the DS's all share the same accessories (save for the DSi not having a GBA port), while the Go will require all-new accessories.

E For All Expo Details Announced 20

Gamespot is reporting on the full details of the E For All event, the consumer-facing games show slated to debut this October. Along with additional details, the article offers up some basics on the show. First off, it "runs October 18-21 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, former home of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Single-day passes for Thursday and Friday will cost gamers $50 each, while admission on Saturday or Sunday will run $75. A full pass for all four days will also be available for $110." Gamers will be able to try out almost all of the Holiday releases in a finished state, participate in tournaments, and buy games from retailers located in fabled Kentia Hall. It's also been announced that Nintendo will be headlining the event, though Expo officials try to reassure us that other publishers will be there as well. I have to ask: is anyone thinking about going to this thing? Now that the doors are open, are you as a gamer excited about the possibility of making it into E3?

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