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Comment Re:There are several good indie titles (Score 1) 669

If you want a survival-themed game that takes a bit of a different tack, Banished was just released... It's a sort of city builder, though it's nothing like sim-city (maybe a little bit like dwarf fortress). If you do try it, make sure to watch some guides on youtube (I recommend Quill18's, video #5 in particular). It's really not very forgiving at all and even after the tutorials, without a few tricks you'll probably die pretty quick.

Besides that, I've been playing FFXIV, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. It does a few things well, like the holy trinity, but it's all very linear... dungeons are really a grind with only one path and so on, you never really have to find your own way around or make your own adventure like it's predecessor...

Submission + - Museum of Art to Include Game Exhibits (

ESRB writes: The Museum of Modern Art is to install 14 games into its exhibits. The games include Myst, SimCity 2000, The Sims, EVE Online, Dwarf Fortress, and other notable titles. The criteria for selection is focused on "outstanding examples of interaction design." They are eventually planning on a total of 40 games. For simpler games, the exhibits will be a playable version, but for more complex titles, the Museum is working with players and designers to create guided tours.

Submission + - Japan's NTT developes 1Pbps Fiber Link ( 1

ESRB writes: Japan's NTT claims to have developed a backhaul link capable of achieving 1Pbps over a distance of 50km using a single fibre. NTT's report states that it used a specially-designed optical fibre in which one fibre strand contained 12 "cores" — light paths within the fibre that don't interact with each other. Each of those fibres carried an 84.5 Terabit-per-second signal to achieve the total 1 Pbps throughput.

Submission + - Women drivers overtake men (

ESRB writes: Amidst and overall dropping rate of licensure, women now hold more drivers licenses than men in the US. The article notes that this may be in part due to the rise of smart phones, social media, and other influences that one can participate in while on public transit (but not safely or legally while driving), cultural shifts in what personal vehicles symbolize(d), "colossal" insurance rates for young men, and other factors.

Submission + - Steam Sales a Menace: 75% Off Cheapens Intellectual Property (

ESRB writes: EA is claiming that Steam sales, such as the summer sale currently in progress, are a menace to the gaming community as they "cheapen intellectual property" and harm developers. Valve countered, saying that sales were one of many tools that, "...are all kinds of ways customers consume things, get value, come back, build franchises." They also note that Steam helps users find games that, before these platforms, would be difficult to find a year or more later and introduce people to title they didn't try during pricey launches.

Options For Good (Not Expensive) Office Backbone For a Small Startup 204

An anonymous reader writes "I recently joined a startup, we have about 10 people altogether in various roles / responsibilities, and I handle most of the system / IT responsibilities (when I'm not in my primary role, which is software development). When trying to price licenses, I'm finding Microsoft offerings require quite a bit of upfront cost, so I'm trying the alternative solutions. LibreOffice and Google Docs work fine for the most part (we also have some MS Office users); however I'm having trouble getting a good / cheap / free solution to email, contacts, calendaring and user management in general. We have some Mac users, Windows users, need desktop clients for most of these uses as well — and there doesn't seem to be a solution that satisfies these myriad combinations." (Read more, below.)

Submission + - Synethic Marijuana On The Rise (

ESRB writes: Although makers of the synthetic product claim it offers an "herbal high" off of mixtures of herbs, activists warn that it actually contains illegal chemical concoctions and is far worse than its authentic counterpart. The product is often sold at gas stations or convenience stores, and makers rapidly respond to legislation by replacing newly banned substances with legal substitutes. The product is considered to be several times as potent as the THC in marijuana.

Submission + - 175 mph in an Electric Car of Less Than 1,100lbs (

ESRB writes: "Electric Blue," an electric E1-class streamliner weighing less than 1,100lbs (500kg), set a world record for speed for E1 electric vehicles when it reached 175 mph (280 km/h) over Utah's salt flats. The battery pack weighs less than 160lbs (73kg) and is composed of Li-Ion cells largely taken from DeWalt power tools. Reaching these speeds in such a light vehicle required special attention to aerodynamics, and it is the culmination of BYU's Perry Carter and over 130 engineering students' efforts over 7 years. They hope to reach 200 mph (320 km/h) by the end of the year.

Submission + - N. Korea's High-Tech Counterfeits ( 2

ESRB writes: N. Korea is apparently able to produce high-quality counterfeits of US dollars--specifically $100 and $50 bills. It's suspected that they possess similar printing technologies as the US and buy ink from the same Swedish firm. The article also advocates a move to all digital payment/transfers by pointing out both forms are only representations of value and noting it would cripple criminal operations such as drug cartels, human traffickers, and so forth.

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