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Comment $10 million per employee? (Score 2) 48

According to this Oculus had 75 employees when it was acquired. So, that $700 million to retain employees works out to a little under $10 million per employee for retention?!?!

I am really in the wrong industry...

Comment Is this really that odd? (Score 1) 373

I understand fully that is sounds creepy...but is it really that odd?

We replace dying organs with functioning ones. We use stem cells from healthy adults to cure a variety of ailments in sick people. Is it really that odd that the blood from a healthy, young person may have positive affects on the aged?

I have not done any research on this technique nor would I endorse it but I am a bit confused why it is being so roundly dismissed.

Comment Re:I'm actually OK with this (Score 5, Insightful) 592

I've got to disagree a bit with you. I'm fine with her using her own server for personal email. However, any government business, whether classified or not, should be done through government email servers. That's why we have open record laws is so that we have a level of transparency and, to me, she was blatantly trying to skirt those laws by setting up her own server.

My 2c. Take it for what it's worth.

Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 1) 134

And what about if the cost to entry of the concept is too high for the individual? A large corp could just sit and wait till the "implementation" period expired and then grab the idea. How long do you have to get to the "use" period before you lose the patent?

No, the issue is that patents are granted for stupid, unoriginal things. If only good, unique ideas were allowed then this would not be the same issue.

Comment Re:!education (Score 1) 93

Considering pretty much all OTA TV in the US is MPEG2 Transport Streams, saying that MPEG2 is not used anymore is a bit of an overstep. Anyone wanting to build out a PVR using a backend that captures without realtime transcoding needs to have the MPEG2 codec bundle.

All that being said, a couple bucks extra for that optional functionality is hardly an issue.

Comment Re:I'm glad, now, ... (Score 3, Insightful) 116

It certainly depends on the use case. Datacenter power and rack space is expensive. If your cost is $100 / month for the additional power and rack for your extra server the vmware package starts to make sense. But yeah, when you get all the bells and whistles VMware can get crazy expensive.

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