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Comment Re:Yet another reason to dump FF (Score 1) 152

One of my friend (real ones) likes to call anyone she 'meets' online through social networking as 'imaginary friends' And me personally I RARELY every use facebook. I log in maybe once every few months to clean out crap that collects and move on.. And the only time I use twitter is to promote the next Humble Bundle that unleashed new linux and mac ports in.

Comment Re:Final Version? (Score 1) 133

Google has a whole blog dedicated to pumping announcements about chrome releases. What are seeing here is some noisy slashdot users who feel the need to pump slashdot full of news about the next silent update in firefox.. (oh and there is the whole huge buzz about the lasts PATCH level for Chrome today). In reality both Google and Mozilla are all about creating stir around their releases.. And the stir is mostly focused around "here's the cool new standards we are supporting for you developers". Then there's Microsoft creating the anti-climactic stir around internet explorer 10, that is only available to a small percentage of the population. And then underwhelms and you have to wait a LONG while to see the next version.

Comment Don't answer the Security questions "correctly"!!! (Score 1) 408

When you fill out the "form" to define the security questions, Don't put the correct answers in.. purposely put a false answer, obviously one that only you know.. My dad makes up a "youngest son" to put in those security questions so there is no way someone can "scour" social network sites to find the answers.

Comment Re:Plugins (Score 5, Informative) 415

This is why they are encouraging extension developers to switch to the Mozilla addons SDK which provides API stability between firefox releases (and is built in in firefox 4.0+ ). the addon SDK also allows for installing plugins without restarting the browser!! YEAH!!!

now, have you tried installing the addon compatibility reporter?

with that enabled you can forcibly enable addons that claim to not be compatible and test to see if they work. Also it gives you a away to send feedback to the developer that "hey it works" or "no it doesn't". And of course if you haven't contacted the developers of those addons, then that could be why they haven't been updated.

Comment Booting up before clocking in! (Score 1) 557

The company I used to work for was trying to mandate that employees boot up their systems before clocking in so they wouldn't have to "pay" for the time it took them to boot their systems. Insane!!!

Me personally I had a linux system that booted up in 20 seconds anyways and of course I rarely ever rebooted it to begin with so had no issues:)

Comment Re:Bing vs. Google (Score 1) 385

yes, the real root problem is people not know how to search. I have that same scenario happening to me as well. Tech savvy friend A can't find info on X, I do a single google search and find exactly what he needed.. It's all about cognitive thinking or the lack there of in a large % of the population.

Comment It's a necessity for me (Score 1) 1002

For me it's a necessity. For web development I usually have code editor on left monitor and browser(s) on the right.. Also the right monitor serves as a place for documentation and reference manuals.

At one point my "office" system had 3 monitors.. where the 3rd monitor primarily hosed email.

But I have found the extra screen real-estate greatly improves my productivity. So if companies REALLY want their developers to only have one monitor.. get them a nice 30" cinema screen.. :-D Though it'd be cheaper to just get then 2 or 3 24" monitors.

Comment High price, and limited devices to play on (Score 1) 1162

Odds, are it's a combination of the following..

1) higher price
2) limited playability (must have a blu-ray player which you can't get for 30 bucks)
3) requires a "newer TV" and the reality is many have tvs without HDMI (and the copy projection restriction mechanism that rides along)
4) for many it's not all that much extra. (me personally I have a 42" tv and things do look somewhat better, but the biggest thing I notice is subtitles are MUCH crisper in blu-ray., but I have to watch it on THAT tv only)
5) Refusal to purchase as a matter of principle of being PISSED at the movie studios for crippling DVDs..
      - Have you noticed how DVDs now have less and less special features? As an attempt to "encourage" and punish you into buying blu-ray.
6) Can't really play blu-ray on your desktop computers.. and blu-ray is not a standard piece in computers AND software are not available for all platforms even.
7) Netflix and Redbox.
    - Yeah I make frequent use of redbox.. I can "Try before I buy" and sift through all of the CRAP that comes out of hollywood for $1 a pop. And unfortunately there's a lot of crap so people just plain aren't going to spend 25-40 bucks to buy a piece of crap. They'll wait until it's in the $5 bin at wal-mart.

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