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Submission + - Water Flowing on Mars Is Filmed: NASA

MajorBytes writes: "Water flows on Mars. In one image, a shining snake of light flows from a hidden spring into a crater's depression, an orbiting camera aboard NASA's Mars Global Surveyor catching sunlight reflected by the evaporating liquid. In another, a smear of ice grows mysteriously over a period of years, expanding like a slow-motion inkblot over the red planet's parched landscape. More of the story here.... r_o.html"

Submission + - Obscure tomes now online

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft is releasing its Live Search Books, a rival to Google's Book Search, in test, or beta, version in the US. The digital archive will include books from the collections of the British Library, the University of California and the University of Toronto. Books from three other institutions will be added in January 2007. All the books currently included in the project will be non-copyrighted but later it will also add copyrighted work that publishers have given permission to include in the project.

Submission + - Water on Mars anounced by NASA

An anonymous reader writes: NASA scientists announced Wednesday afternoon stunning revelations from Mars Global Surveyor: Cumulative evidence of liquid water flowing on Mars — not millions of years ago but right now. MGS mission scientists showed changes in a gully in a crater that all but proves liquid flowed through the gully between 1999 and 2004. "You've all heard of a smoking gun...This a squirting gun," said Mars Exploration Program scientist Michael Meyer. The scientists say the water seen in the MGS images is the equivalent of 5-10 swimming pools.

Submission + - Important Sci/Tech History Up For Auction In UK

mikey_man380 writes: "Original Edison light bulbs and other extremely important scientific history to be auctioned off in the UK[] Reuters reports today that the box of original light bulbs used in court by Edison to defend his patent rights will be up for auction in the United Kingdom. Other important historical items to be included in the auction are Albert Einstein's first scientific essay, a first edition of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" and an alchemical manuscript by Isaac Newton."

Submission + - UNIX tips for new users: Filters and Expressions

BlueVoodoo writes: "Discover the power of UNIX filters. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the grep family in depth, including the syntax of regular expressions in many UNIX utilities. You'll also find out more about the stream editor, sed, as well as examine the awk pattern scanning language through examples and explanations.

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