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Comment Re:Astronomy software (Score 3, Insightful) 358

You'll want the fastest (optically) scope you can afford. Don't be conc0erned with aperture. You'll appreciate the fast speed (low f/stop) when taking photos.

Have realistic expectations: You'll NEVER take Hubble-like pictures and there are very few things (outside of our atmosphere) that you'll see any color from with your eye. Photography offers a better change to capture color.

Learn about stacking multiple exposures: see Photoshop or applications like AStroStack

Spend the extra money on a good tripod and mount as you'll really wish you did when you start shooting longer exposures (because stacking isn't cutting it and now you want to stack long-exposures)

Don't waste your money on a red flash light. Red light is needed to help keep your eyes acclimated to the darkness. Red cellophane over a regular flashlight works. LEDs are the best as they have long battery life.

Allow the telescope to adjust temperature for several hours.

Know your equipment. This will some with time AND USE.

Know this sky. This will come with time and use.

Remember that you spent all that money to enjoy the wonders of the universe. Don't get pissed or let down.

Good luck on keeping mosquitoes away.

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