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Re:What about the lawsuit?  *Wednesday February 21, 2001 @11:49AM  1
   attached to Et Tu Covad? 260 Central Offices To Close
Re:Open Source will change our civilisation.  *Wednesday February 21, 2001 @10:10AM  1
   attached to Rebel Code
I hate my company...  *Friday October 29, 1999 @11:56AM  1
   attached to I Want Names for my Servers!
Low birth in Rich countries?  *Monday October 25, 1999 @02:28PM  1
   attached to Global Population Implosion?
Re:Cheating? NO WAY  *Monday October 18, 1999 @05:00PM  1
   attached to Chess Dispute: Kasparov vs. the World vs. MSN
Speaking of Cyberterrorism..  *Wednesday October 06, 1999 @08:44PM  2
   attached to Russians Crack US Department of Defense Computers
Re:Eugenesics doesn't work  *Wednesday October 06, 1999 @08:50PM  1
Well, this will get me flamed, but...  *Wednesday October 06, 1999 @12:31AM  2
   attached to Princeton Prof Advocates Euthanizing Handicapped Babies
Anybody remeber 1984  *Saturday September 18, 1999 @08:20AM  1
   attached to Man vs Machine Story Writing Contest
Most usefull Java application  *Monday September 13, 1999 @02:28PM  1
   attached to Lego Mindstorms Controlled by Pilot Via JINI
Re:They just won't admit it...  *Monday September 13, 1999 @04:30PM  1
   attached to MS response to NSA key backdoor in Windows
Re:Mindcraft  *Wednesday August 11, 1999 @01:00PM  1
Maybe the media is the one with the problem  *Wednesday August 11, 1999 @12:06PM  1
   attached to News Flash: Gamers Aren't Deviants
Re:get thee to a filter  *Tuesday August 10, 1999 @12:56PM  1
   attached to Party with Slashdot Tonight!
Re:The Rewards of Charity  *Tuesday August 10, 1999 @09:33AM  1
   attached to R.I.P. Linuxbox
X-class aircraft  *Thursday July 15, 1999 @07:10PM  2
   attached to NASA's X-37
Melted Silicon  *Wednesday July 14, 1999 @11:04AM  1
   attached to World's Smallest Webserver
Aquatic Creatures  *Tuesday July 13, 1999 @08:28PM  2
   attached to Universal Translators?
Re:Idea for Lynx  *Friday July 02, 1999 @03:01PM  1
   attached to Browser news
Re:I don't think it's that simple  *Friday June 18, 1999 @11:07AM  1
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Storage Capacity of the Human Brain? have?
Re:Windows autostarts  *Wednesday June 16, 1999 @09:49AM  1
   attached to LinuxPPC Autostart Worm
Re:internal use only?  *Wednesday June 09, 1999 @06:38PM  1
   attached to Another Transmeta Patent
Silverware  *Wednesday June 02, 1999 @02:08PM  1
   attached to Microsoft Embraces and Extends Perl
Isn't MELISSA A WORM and NOT A VIRUS???  *Wednesday March 31, 1999 @04:06PM  1
   attached to Melissa Creator tracked using MS's ID numbers?

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