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Comment Re:I hate and despise - but they should still be s (Score 3, Informative) 818

It doesn't mean slavery or hatred or bigotry or treason. The national flag of the Confederate States does means secession and slavery, but that's not the flag we're talking about. (That flag is currently the state flag of Georgia, the only difference being the state seal added inside the circle of stars, so you should take up those issues with the state of Georgia.) The flag we're talking about was created to boost morale of the soldiers, and was only for use in battle. It was created first for the Northern Virginia Infantry and was adopted by other state infantries as it gained popularity. It was not a political flag. To the soldiers and their families it symbolized bravery and valor in battle and it honored the dead. After the war it was adopted by the United Confederate Veterans, and it was referred to as "the soldiers' flag."

Its meaning has evolved in complex ways after the war, but if we're talking about its early history its meaning always had to do with the honoring the dead and the brave, and not so much with the political causes for which those people were sacrificed.

Comment ET Christianity (Score 1) 534

"Weintraub also identified two religions – Mormonism and Seventh-day Adventism – whose theology embraces extraterrestrials."

Swedenborgianism is a another brand of Christianity that embraces extraterrestrials. Swedenborg wrote about conversations he had with the spirits of extraterrestrials where they told him about their worlds and cultures.

Comment Re:Deniers are too stupid to read -- prove me wron (Score 1) 661

The question isn't whether "CO2 causes warming" but whether a change from 290 to 330 ppm in the troposphere can be the cause of a measurable change in the heat content of troposphere. Since it's all so trivial, I'm curious whether your undergraduate text explains why increased CO2 concentration in the stratosphere causes the stratosphere to loose heat.

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