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Comment Re:clearly (Score 0) 189

And, that further begs the question if the Dr. is any bit of Scientology, as it seems more neurologist tend to walk in similar paths. The fact that the hand-down and auto-blame can be found, that seems like the delicate twist to the ping pong between brain/mind as one or as separate states. Depends if one thinks the brain can be fully mapped into 3D.

Quantum physics, however, go beyond 3D, well into 6D and 12D, so I wouldn't doubt there are more of these kinds of reports that assert brain/mind as one and traceable in argument and predictions of what quantum physics can/will find.

Key point is that they recognize genes as separate from the brain, which leads to possibilities that genes are part of the mind.

Comment Re:SPDY clarifications (Score 0) 310

Because someone doesn't state all use-cases or in-use cases doesn't make them imaginary. Without much else said, the given connection difference of SSL can now be made stateful much easier over SPDY, where in HTTP they are generally stateless. The means to support more secure methods that rely on any fancy stateless scheme grows in cost and obscurity.

I can spot use-cases/in-use-cases of like implementations in basically any ReSTful design, Second Life, Icesphere, Snowglobe, VWRAP, OpenSim, RealXtend, etc... not just web browsing.

Comment We use HTTP servers to pass assets... (Score 0) 310

We use HTTP servers to pass assets in the virtual world protocols and this sounds like something we did (but expanded in the TCP layers) to combine bidirectional ReSTful connections. SPDY doesn't combine the content, yet everything else we had in mine appears done. This work was described in IETF WGs, so given NOTE WELL I hope we inspired this kind of work for wider deployment!

The reverse connection to the client without an immediate request previously is key! SPDY obviously retains some credentials and that makes it a little more trivial behind firewalls.

Comment Re:The first thing could come up with? (Score 0) 735

>So the article went straight from that wonderfully enlightened bill and went for creationism?

Despite the author's need to stir up the attention?

I think controversial is to let the scientist find out the origins of all the leather bound bibles. Let them map the DNA in each cover. No need to get into the Book of Origins until all the "DNA words" are mapped. Those are the word of GOD?

Call it the book of DNA.

When that is done, reconsider if they can rip out the Book of Judges; that one might not be needed anymore.

Comment Origins vs Origins (Score 0) 735

One can compare fossils against genesis all they want, the common error here is they both give the possibility that some origin exists, yet neither prove it. The bill notes "chemical origins of life", so I think it is much more restrictive in that quote than open debate about origin vs origin. They actually have to use probable causes and not just possibilities from any imagination. Sometimes people got to stop at the leather bound cover of the bible and wonder about the origins of it's DNA rather than skip to the inner pages. "What species is that cover from?" "Does that species still exist?" "Is that leather bound bible made from human skin?" "If not human, can we still map the DNA of that species?" Real science!

Given that those old leather bound bibles have been handed down for centuries... why do people miss the obvious?

Comment Re:Security is NOT an issue with The Cloud. (Score 1) 142

The Indian teams know well about cloud computing, especially with our more elaborate and fashionable rain dances. Tears in the rain, we hope they don't cause too many shortages in the metallic mainframes and die hard mobile batteries. DOD practically invented the vocab for cloud computing, and these documents have only fueled .net and .mil earlier than the birth in 1960s. History seems to repeat, and so do cloud covers with weather forecasts. The bees know well what are buzzkill, yet cloud-computing is almost comparable to a busy traffic crossroad without a stop signal... timing is perfect.

Comment Re:Coal (Score 1) 635

To say fossil fuels are cheaper is to ignore the most expensive cost to return the environment to a carbon neutral state, yet we have been taught to ignore that cost for decades and made to point out people as stupid to mention the need for carbon neutral. Any scientist should be able to have a conscious thought that the conservation of energy doesn't magically restore all that crude oil pumped up from miles under the Earth back to its natural state.

Those near the Gulf of Mexico surely would have a conscious thought about it, now... even for non-scientists there.

The only real viable solution is to realize that cheap fuel doesn't mean the best solution.

Comment Re:Patenting the patents? (Score 1) 174

Looks like Sony has taken there 3DTV display meant for a single viewer (without shutter glasses) and only widen the angle for use with two shutter glasses.

Maybe they do have a patent on a patent if that wasn't so obvious. Maybe what makes it not so obvious is people tend to think you need glasses to watch any 3D displays except for Sony's technology, where you don't need glasses at all.

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