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Comment Re:Is it good? (Score 3, Insightful) 183

How it's going to finish is really straight-forward.

When the seven kingdoms have sufficiently weakened themselves via in-fighting, the Others will overwhelm the wall. Danerys lands on the shores of the seven kingdoms with her dragons. Jon Snow, who is clearly the prince-who-was-promised, joins forces with her to fight off the Others fulfilling the title of the series.

Comment Re:You're doing it wrong (Score 1) 360

A handful of reasons off the top of my head:

EMR vendor support. (Or you could fly someone in ever time you needed help...)
Limited patient EMR access. (Web appointment scheduling, e-visits, medical record summaries, etc.)
Cross-deployment communication.
EMR internal messaging integration with external email accounts.
The dream of sharing medical records between organizations would also require this, but, alas, that's just a dream.

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