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Comment It's the glasses, stupid. (Score 1) 457

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with the idea of 3d so much as the execution. The technology isn't there yet and the biggest hurdle is the most obvious one: having to wear glasses at home. People want to be lazy in front of the tv, not run around looking for glasses the same way they search for their remotes. Until that particular problem is solved it will continue to be a niche thing.

Better content wouldn't hurt either.

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable. (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Also factor in that a lot of people just look at the time it would take to write code, but ignore all the time it takes to sit down with a client, find out what they need, do design, possibly do some prototypes, jump through whatever other hoops the client expects from you, write documentation....coding is only one step in the process. Many contractors screw themselves over by estimating TOO LOW because they ignore all the mundane stuff and end up losing money on projects.

I'm not saying all that had to go into this project, but don't assume that just because you can copy and paste some code from the internet in a few hours to do something similar that that was all that went into the work.

Comment Re:Youtube songs are good family fun (Score 1) 210

Yeah, I felt the same way. Watching it a few times and reading some other reports about him it seems like he's always like that though, being really shy and low key. Maybe just projecting a bit, but after a few times watching it, some of his little smiles started to make me think he was enjoying it even if he wasn't as visible about it as other people.

Of course, he also may have been a little high or partied out too. Can't rule out the first instinct. :)

Comment Re:Youtube songs are good family fun (Score 1) 210

I'm in the same boat. My daughter is 1 1/2 and loves sesame street. I keep tv to a minimum and always sit with her, but honestly, I don't really get the arguments that always focus on the educational value of TV. Isn't it ok to want to just wind down sometimes after a long day, even for children?

Not every second needs to be filled with learning. I can see times where my child is almost overstimulated from a long day and will wind down a bit when I give her the choice (yes she understands choices at this point) to just watch some muppets for a little while before bath time, book time, and then bed.

Comment I like Chrome and Firefox (Score 1) 272

I've been hopping back and forth still depending what I want to do. At the end of the day, addons have more to do with my choice than the browsers themselves. Both can be configured roughly for what I need to do, with only minor annoyances.

Firefox 7 seems to be more stable for me than the previous version. The instability before was part of why I was messing with Chrome to begin with.

The main thing about Chrome that was annoying, honestly, had nothing to do with Chrome itself. I didn't like how AdBlock (and Plus) don't work as well in Chrome as it does in Firefox, especially when it comes to blocking video ads. This doesn't surprise me really, but for now Chrome doesn't give the same access in the APIs as Firefox does.

Comment There were already doing this. (Score 1) 271

I guess they can make it official, but as someone with a child that's been watching this for a while now, they already started this before. They had a whole episode explaining the scientific method last season, and many of the other episodes showed math and discussed observation skills.

I've only seen the 1st episode this season so far though, which had the word of the day as "Engineer." Perhaps this is just a sign that they intend to do it every episode and make it even more of a focus, which is cool.

Comment Re:Sometimes not at all. (Score 1) 233

The problem with those studies has always been that there is no objective way to measure happiness. What they're usually measuring is stress and energy levels during a particular period. The 1st year with a baby is tiring and stressful. You do have to compromise a lot.

Also, every single one of those studies which I've read had the caveat that most of the parents said it was worth it even with the pressures. That should tell you something about the problems with measuring this sort of thing.

Personally, my daughter just turned one a few weeks ago. This year was tiring, stressful, full of compromises, and yet, as with some of these other parents, worth it to me. The things I compromised on mostly have turned you to be things I didn't really need in the first place. Sure, there are times when it would be nice to have a babysitter for the evening to go out with friends, and I'm less inclined to come home hung over now since I don't want to be the one up the next morning with my daughter, but some of that will come back as she gets older. When all is said and done, a lot of this is temporary until the child grows up a bit more.

You can argue it's a form of Stockholm syndrome or some sort of self-delusion, but what difference does it make if I still tell you I'm happy now?

Comment Because most people don't give a shit about the OS (Score 1) 451

People need to stop thinking the OS has much to do with this. Hardware comes into play for some people, but even then they're missing the point.

The ecosystem (itunes video and music and the app store) are what still makes Apple hard to beat. The established their beachhead with the ipods and iphone, and considering every app you purchase can be easily copied over to your iPad, THAT'S what many care about.

Only nerds care about the hardware and OS. We're not the majority.

Comment Re:can't take revenge against a computer (Score 1) 510

Speak for yourself. Just because you're a control freak doesn't mean everyone is.

I HATE driving. I'd be perfectly happy to hand over control to a computer once they've worked out the kinks.

Anyone that thinks this isn't a solvable problem is silly. It would also be simple enough to have the computer take over on known territories and still have it relinquish control, when necessary, in more remote areas or when the driver wants to endanger everyone else with their flawed ego.

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