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Comment Re:Excuse me (Score 0) 370

I guess 9/11 wasn't good enough. For god sakes we were attacked on our own land. If we pull our troops and not fight for our country's protection, don't think for a moment they won't pull together and come at us again, but this time it will be much more devastating. Just because WMD was not found doesn't mean they will not send a kid to America and tell him to press a red button, to detonate a dirty-nuke so he will meet his Idol and his many virgins.
But exactly what freedom is being shed for at the moment? Heck, even 'nam had more real reasons for backing it (supporting France who has been a major ally). WRT Iraq, GWB had NONE to invade and occupy. The UN had been allowed in and saw that there was no WMD. If you wish to pull the card about a despot, fine. But why him? There were FAR worse out there. In particular, North Korea. In fact, whenever Bush mentions that this is about putting democracy everywhere, then I have to wonder why the verbal attacks on Iran and Venezueala. Both of them have elected leaders which the UN vetted the election process.

BTW, as to your freedom crap, I have had relatives in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean, 'Nam, and Iraq I. Those that are living (3) have objected to this war as being a waste of ppl, time, and money. They sole republican has changed to ind. and pushes dems. And believe me, NONE of them think that this is about Freedom or threat to us. NADA, ZIP, ZERO ZILCH. They, like the ppl that you knock, join many other patriotic Americans in thinking that this was an atrocity that is being committed by a bunch of chicken hawks, joining the ranks of many Ex-Generals and other officers.

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